Proof Positive!

As college acceptance time winds down, I’m sure there are still a few people waiting to see if their envelope is thick or thin. I was happy to get a THICK envelope yesterday from the Department of Court Records Allegheny County, Pittsburgh PA.  About a week ago I submitted an online search request for Adrian’s and Custode’s marriage license. Yesterday it arrived.

No matter how many times I find confirmation of birth dates, marriage dates or other personal details about someone there’s nothing quite like seeing the original document that provides the proof (or in this case a copy of it).  Seeing Custode’s and Adrian’s handwriting somehow makes them more real to me.  And of course there are always a few tidbits of new information in such documents.

First of all – Custode has beautiful handwriting – although the “I” in Iacobucci looks more like a “G” so the name looks like “Gacobucci.”  Adrian’s writing looks a bit more practiced, but is also very clear and legible.  Adrian’s name on the marriage license is spelled “Adriano Giorgio.”  He lists his occupation as laborer and he notes that his earlier marriage (no names given) was dissolved by death. Their address is listed as 37 Washington Street, Pittsburgh, PA.

The license also provides birth dates for Adrian and Custode.  True – this is their report of their birth dates so not as good as the original birth record from Italy would be but good enough for our purposes.  Adrian was born on 27 December 1872 and Custode was born on 27 May 1881. So when they married, Adrian was 26 and Custode was 17.  Interestingly, Custode died on 27 December 1967. I wonder if she was thinking of Adrian on her death bed?

Included with the record was a document entitled “Consent to the Marriage of a Child or Ward” and it was signed by Vincenzo Iacobucci. The relationship between Custode and Vincenzo is not stated but he was probably her brother or uncle because he is identified as her guardian and she as his ward. Later marriage licenses provided more details including the maiden names of the bride’s and groom’s mothers, but in 1899 the form was not so detailed.

St. Peter's Church, Pittsburgh, PA

St. Peter’s Church, Pittsburgh, PA

And finally, as we prepare to celebrate Easter, it is fitting that the last document in the file is the certificate signed by the priest who performed their marriage ceremony on February 14, 1899 at St. Peter’s Church in Pittsburgh. His handwriting is a bit hard to read but I think it is Rev Tittus Lagosia or Lagoria.

So there we have it – not that we had much doubt. Proof positive that Adriano Giorgio and Custode Iacobucci began their married life in Pittsburgh PA on February 14, 1899.



One thought on “Proof Positive!

  1. Hello! I am Dorinda Jo Marie George Robinson. I am the daughter of Frank Louis George, born in New Castle PA, January 1919, the son of Mary Giampaolo(spelling?) George and Nicolas George. My dad is their second born son and an older brother of Irene George Veri. My “Auntie Irene” sent me this website, so here I am. This story of the marriage of Custode and Adriano is a wonderful window to the past. I always wondered how the Iacobucci name fit into my “George” family tree and that my Italian last name is Giorgio. I am so happy to have access to this website, as I will pursue more information about my family tree. Thank-you!


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