An Important Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today – we met our Italian cousins for the first time. Rick and Terry Colaluca “found” each other through their DNA results on 23 and Me. Their great grandfathers, Adriano and Pasquale, were brothers, both born in Italy and both immigrated to Western PA. Pasquale stayed but Adriano returned to Italy and remarried in 1913 when he was 41 and his new wife (his third), Maria Flamminio, was 37.

Through Terry we met Irene Veri, who was born Irene George, the youngest daughter of Nick George. Nick George is the only son born to Adriano and his first wife, Marianna Fraturra, who died a week after Nick was born in Italy in 1896. Nick spent his early years in Castel di Sangro, Italy but in 1904 Adriano brought him over to join his new family in Dunbar, PA. Adriano had married Custode Iacobucci in Pittsburgh, PA on February 14, 1899 and by 1904 they were operating a store in Dunbar, PA. Their oldest son Frederick William George is Rick’s grandfather and Lynnette’s father.

I have struggled over the past month or so with the best way to get back to more regular posts on Trovando Famiglia. This blog got started to capture what we’ve learned over the past year about Rick’s Italian relatives. The first anniversary of meeting them seems like a good time to get back to a more regular schedule of posts even though it will mean branching out from just the Italian side of the family.

Every day or so I will recount my recent genealogical finds. This means the posts will start to explore some of my family history – the Powells of Virginia (not “THE” Powells of Virginia but my family’s branch) and the Prestons and Bryants of Washington DC.

So happy anniversary Terry and Irene! I have no doubt that our adventures in genealogy would have ended much sooner without the information you provided. Genealogical research is difficult enough but without a living person to verify the connections made from the records it would be sheer drudgery. We are forever indebted to both of you for the wonderful gift of family and especially the connection to Lynnette – Rick’s aunt – who we’ve only met through Facebook and emails but hope to meet in person.


2 thoughts on “An Important Anniversary

  1. I was not aware that Adriano was married for the third time … I wonder if there were any children from this marriage … my father may have had other siblings that we knew nothing about …


    • Irene –
      I knew you had October as your parent’s wedding date. I wonder if there were different dates based on a civil vs. religious ceremony? I got the November 11th date from the documents that were in the file for your father’s Sons of Italy claim – I think I might be able to forward it to you. Thanks for the tip on the Cancer Hospital. I will send Carole Ann an email so she can check the link but I know she really appreciated you sending her all the materials.
      Take care and stay warm – you’d laugh if you saw the little amount of snow that is closing our schools for two days now – but it is quite dangerous driving since the roads are so slick and the temps so low.


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