New Year – New Approach – Hubert Allen George (1908-1958)

After two years of spending a lot of my free time doing genealogical research, I have amassed multiple storage containers of various notes, notebooks, index cards, etc. I’m still struggling to create a uniform system of organization but I am determined to sort out and organize what I’ve already accumulated before adding more.

So to that end, as I come across random tidbits of information, I’m gonna create a post about the person the information pertains to. Today that person is Hubert Allen George – the sixth child and fourth son (I think) of Adrian and Custode George.

Hubert (sometimes mistakenly listed as Herbert or Humbert in Census records) was born in Dunbar PA on September 23, 1908 and died in New York (probably East Aurora which is a village in Erie County southeast of Buffalo) on November 15, 1958. I found these details in the Social Security Death Index, which is a fairly reliable source for birth and death dates.  For obvious reasons, it doesn’t work so well for someone named John Smith or even Victor or Joseph George, but for Hubert, it was a good source.

Hubert and his wife, Grace Ann, did not have any children. Grace was born in Sheraden, PA on April 17, 1912 and died in East Aurora NY on February 11, 1997 (again from the Social Security Death Index). Interestingly they are both buried in Hollywood Memorial Park in Pittsburgh PA, which makes me think there must have been some family connection in Pittsburgh since it’s about 225 miles south of East Aurora.

Final Resting Place of Hubert Allen George and Grace Ann George

Final Resting Place of Hubert Allen George and Grace Ann George

Lynnette shared a story about Grace that she remembers hearing from her mother. At one point when Lynnette (then an infant) and her parents and siblings were driving somewhere with Hubert and Grace, and Grace was in the back seat with Betty and the kids, Grace was quite taken aback when Betty tried to put her toddler Eleanor in the seat beside her. Poor Betty had to hold both Eleanor and Lynnette so that Grace could have her “space.” It seems she wasn’t fond of children and it’s probably for the best that they didn’t have kids.

Lynnette also remembers that Hubert had a successful career in pharmaceuticals in New York.  Hubert is listed in both the 1940 and 1930 Census reports as living in Midland PA. In 1930, he was 22, single and living with two of his brothers, F.W.George (head of household) and Victor (19) and also single. F.W. George was listed as married, but his wife at that time, Evelyn, and his two sons from that marriage (Fred and Richard) were living in Santa Monica California with Evelyn’s younger sister Grace.

By 1940, Hubert had married Grace and the census for that year shows that they lived in Midland and had a room or an apartment in a house at 541 Midland Avenue. Hubert’s job was listed as “pharmacist.” He probably began working in George’s Pharmacy when he finished college in Pittsburgh, sometime between 1935 and 1940. The 1940 Census also shows that in 1935, Hubert and Grace both lived in Pittsburgh. The census also indicates education level. Hubert had completed 4 years of college and Grace had completed 2 years.

At some point after 1940, Grace and Hubert moved to New York. I did find Hubert and Grace in the Buffalo, NY City directory for 1957 and he was listed as a manager for Leader Drugs. I’ve learned that Leader Drugs was a cooperative that supplied drugs to independent pharmacies in the Buffalo area, so in that sense, Hubert was branching out from day-to-day pharmacist duties. According to Lynnette, Hubert was very successful and always had a new car when he came to visit.



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