I’m Italian Too!!!

So most of you Giorgio descendants know that I’ve been doing this blog to capture my husband’s story and it has been so much fun researching his ancestors because we knew so little about them. And getting to know our Giorgio kin was the best part of 2013 and 2014.

You  might also know that while Rick had been eager to have his DNA tested I figured I knew what mine would be (100% European and mostly English) so what was the point of spending $99 on that.  But when Ancestry.com ran a special just before Christmas and I could save $20 I figured – “well, why not?”

I was all set to spend most of last night catching up on my book for this month’s book club meeting which is on Thursday night (1/8/15) when I made the mistake of checking emails and learned:


That was it for Miss Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightly.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the map to reveal my Ethnicity Estimate and saw the following percentages:

30% Europe West (which includes Germany where my maternal grandfather’s grandfather immigrated from in 1850 so no surprise there)

28% Ireland (the concentric circles over this area include most of England, but the greatest concentration was over Ireland – a bit of a surprise)

26% Scandinavian (That was a surprise but I’ll chalk it up to marauding Vikings who made lots of visits to England back in the day)

7% Italy/Greece (Big Surprise and I’m excited to learn more)

5% Iberian Peninsula (another mystery)

2% Great Britain (really?!? – 2%)

1% Finland and N. Russia (sure, why not?)

I’m still deciphering the results (it’s complicated) and even though I’m sure that the primary purpose of these tests is to make money for the companies doing them, I’m excited to find out more about the 88 DNA matches likely to be at least a 3rd to 5th cousin of mine. I’m hopeful that they will be willing to share information. And I’m really hoping I find the Italian connection.


5 thoughts on “I’m Italian Too!!!

    • Irene –
      Only part of your reply came through but I bet you were gonna say that you weren’t a bit surprised to learn I was Italian. 1) I talk a lot; 2) I like to be in boisterous groups where everyone talks a lot (at the same time); 3) It is very hard for me not to gesture with my hands when I’m talking.
      Well maybe you weren’t gonna say all those things but that’s what I’ve been thinking. And before being accused of stereotyping – these are all excellent traits as far as I’m concerned.
      What would Kathleen be in Italian?


  1. Well, now I’m intrigued! We have so much in common, maybe we’re kin! what name is your dna test in? See if you match any youngbloods, that would be me, hyholshouser . I am Italian too–with a similar makeup! Mine is Europe West51%
    Great Britain18%
    Trace Regions 15%
    Iberian Peninsula6%
    Finland/Northwest Russia< 1%

    I was surprised by much of this also! The Iberian penninsula is Spain and Portugal I believe, I have yet to figure it all out! is your tree on ancestry. I'll invite you to my tree if you'd like. emal me at helenholshouser2gmail.com


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