Dream Reader – Where are You?

My assignment in the online blogging course I’m taking is to write a post to my dream reader. So here goes.

Nobody said your reader has to be alive – so it’s probably not a secret that my two dream readers are Adriano Giorgio and Custode Iacobucci Giorgio.  Learn more about them here:https://trovandofamiglia.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks-custode-iacobucci-george/

So many things in my life that I am grateful for would not be here if not for these two – starting of course with my husband and children. So here’s what I’d love to know from each of you.

Adriano – Where did that red hair come from?

Wedding Photo 1899

Wedding Photo 1899

Okay I know you can’t tell that it’s red from the black and white picture but that’s what I’ve heard.

Custode – How did you raise  nine children after Adriano left you in 1912 when every census report indicates that you were a single head of household with no occupation?

Adriano – Did you really go to Argentina (another family story) before you went back to Italy? Did you have a third family there?

Custode – Why did you show preferential treatment to your grandsons (a story I’ve heard from two reliable sources) sending them money on their birthdays when you could barely remember the names of your granddaughters, usually referring them by which of your sons they belonged to?

The question I’d really like to ask both of you is why I can’t find any record of your divorce? I’m starting to think that maybe you never got divorced. Perhaps you decided to go your separate ways – Custode living in Dunbar PA until her death in 1967 and Adriano in Italy, with a new wife who he married in June 1913.

The handwritten genealogy from the Giorgio’s in Italy references Adriano’s first wife Marianna who died in childbirth (in Italy) in 1896 and the woman he married in Italy in 1913, but makes no reference to Custode and the nine children born to him in America between 1899 and 1912.

So those are just a few questions I have for my dream readers – or anyone else out there who might have some ideas about what happened more than 100 years ago.  Maybe someone remembers hearing something from your grandparents about these two at one of the family reunions. Maybe you met them or knew some of their children. Maybe you’re a descendant of Adriano living in Italy, wondering the same things about us that we’re wondering about you.


3 thoughts on “Dream Reader – Where are You?

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading more of your’s too. I have a lot of support for my blogging from the people who are interested in the topic but it isn’t usually my family (except for my extended famiglia 🙂 and husband. There’s no doubt about it, knowing that someone is reading what you write really does make a difference. Good luck with your blog – sounds like your life is quite full – I understand why you enjoy the late night solitude.

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