Another George Cousin Discovered

A rainy Sunday morning gives me the perfect excuse to add a long overdue entry to this blog but first an observation.  As a parent of two children, I’ve always tried to make sure I give them equal time and attention. Obviously at different times one or the other needs more or less attention than the other but over time I think it tends to even out. With two kids and two parents, that is not too  much of a challenge, especially as they become adults and grow increasingly independent.

Now take that concept but apply it backwards to the exponentially growing list of ancestors and you understand my dilemma. I never feel that I’m giving my ancestors enough attention – someone is always being neglected.  It would be hard enough if I were just tracing my direct ancestors on both my mother’s and father’s side but of course, the way I got started on all of this was because of our search for my husband’s George relatives. So that expands to Rick’s ancestors on both parents’ side and then of course, identifying and learning about the siblings of our direct ancestors (“collaterals” In genealogy lingo) and soon there are about 200 or more people that I’d like to learn more about and you see how easy it is to get overwhelmed.

I’d already been feeling like I was long over due for a post on this blog when I got Linda George’s comment last night. Linda is our most recently discovered George cousin – one of four children of Vito George who was the youngest son of Ciro Giorgio and Rosario Lance. Ciro was the oldest and first of the Giorgio brothers who came from Italy to western PA in the late 1800s – early 1900s.

So I went back to the tree to fill in the information about Linda and her siblings and decided to searched “Vito George” born in PA in 1909 (Linda’s father) to fill in more details. In that search, I made a new discovery – a death certificate for a 3-year old Vito Giorgio who died in New Castle PA on June 21, 1907.  The death certificate doesn’t have his birth date but his parents are Pasqualle Giorgio and Concetta Yavicola (which is sometimes spelled – Iavicoli or Iavicola). So not the Vito George I was looking for but that is so often how it works.

Earlier this year when the Pennsylvania birth certificates for 1906-1908 were released on, I was intrigued to learn that Mary George, who in the 1910 and 1920 census reports was listed as the oldest child of Pasquale, was identified on her birth certificate as the third child born to Concetta Iavicola – Pasquale’s first wife. The birth certificate also indicated that of the three children born, only two were living in 1906. After finding Vito’s death certificate this morning and seeing that he died in 1907 when he was 3 years old  we know he was the other child living when Mary was born, but we still have another mystery to solve – who was the other child born to Concetta and Pasquale. All we know is that the child died before June 1, 1906 (Mary’s birth date). It would be helpful to find the date of Concetta and Pasquale’s wedding because that would narrow down the time frame for his or her birth.

I’m glad our George cousin list is growing and I’d encourage everyone to keep sharing your stories. If anyone wants to add your remembrances or stories of the George family – you can leave a comment but I can also fix the settings on the blog so that you can contribute your stories directly as a blog entry.

I’m gonna go ahead and get this posted but later today I’ll try to upload Mary’s birth certificate and Vito’s death certificate. He died of stomatitis, which is described as ulcerated sores in the mouth and throat, caused by the herpes simplex virus and marked by a high fever. It is something that would be easy to treat today. He is buried in St Vitus cemetery in New Castle so my guess would be that their other child may be buried there too.


3 thoughts on “Another George Cousin Discovered

  1. It is hard to find time for them all. I tend to play favourites with my ancestors – there are some that I just keep coming back to scouring for any scrap of information and some I neglect.


  2. Thank you so much for having this blog it’s fascinating to read about my grandfather I think he’s in one of the pictures as a little boy my phone number is 707 572 8170 give me a call if you could shed some light as to any pictures of Victor George it was really great seeing a picture of my great-grandfather Pasquale that picture used to sit in my grandfather’s dining room and there’s a matching picture of his wife that went with itThat’s all for now cuz I’ll think of some stories to send the blog


    • Jamie – I also really like that photo of Pasquale and wish I had the one of his wife. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of your grandfather Victor George. Most of my pictures are from Pasquale’s brother Adriano’s side of the family. But surely someone from Pasquale’s line must have some pictures so I hope they will eventually find this blog and get in touch so we can have even more family photos. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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