Bobby George Turns Eight

I am hoping that this article will be easy to read so that Carole Ann George Johnson can enjoy sharing it with her friends and family while in FL. The article on Bobby’s party is in the third column from the right, just to the left of the ad with the man in the hat. If you click on the page it should enlarge and you can scroll over to the article.BobbysParty.1948If I hadn’t read about my father attending a party for a friend in his nursery school class in the Richmond newspaper from 1936, I might think this was an odd northern custom. It might be nice if we had more good news in our newspapers these days!


Crazy Coincidence

May 1, 2015
Crazy Coincidence

One of the things I love about genealogy is finding similarities between ancestors and current relatives or between my ancestors and me. I had no idea that anyone in my family was a lawyer but I discovered that my great great grandfather Levi Jesse Bryant went to George Washington University Law School after the Civil War, as did his oldest son, Arthur Bryant. His youngest son, Herbert Sydney Bryant is my father’s grandfather. Another coincidence was finding that my grandparents Kitty Bryant and Joseph Kingsbury both went to George Washington University – he graduated in 1914 and she in 1924. They later met at a party in Washington DC and were married in January 1928.

I’ve been having fun recently searching the digitized newspapers that are available on and in that process learning a lot about the George family in both Dunbar and Connellsville, PA and the George’s in New Castle, PA. In searching “Frederick George” in the Connellsville Daily Courier – I came across an unexpected report of a traffic accident involving my mother-in-law – who was from Grove City, PA. The strange coincidence is that I found it in the Connellsville Daily Courier – not where I would be looking for information about someone living in Grove City and not who I was looking for information about (but it so often turns out that way!)

I know that Rick, Sue and Robin will enjoy reading this and since it is short enough I’ll just retype the article here rather than trying to post it.

Monday – November 5, 1951

(Small in- column heading)Woman Injured
Mrs. Elizabeth George, 28, of Grove City, was admitted to Frick Hospital 11 o’clock Sunday morning following an automobile accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Mrs. George, who suffered contusions of the chest and left shoulder, was traveling from Grove City to Baltimore, MD to meet her husband, Dr. Frederick George, who was due to dock with a US naval vessel at Baltimore. With Mrs. George were her two children, Susan, three and one-half years old and Sara Evelyn, two years old, neither of whom were injured but were admitted to be with their mother.

The car belonging to Mrs. George was driven by Thomas F. Olin of Grove City, who was not injured.

I wonder if they got to Baltimore in time to meet Dad? We knew that Dad was with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, but we weren’t sure of the timing of his duty so this might help narrow it down. Now to figure the best way to capture this crazy coincidence so I can find it later when I need it.

Additional Note: In reviewing this post I notice the date of this accident – November 5, 1951. This was just 13 days before Dad’s father died in East Liverpool, Ohio on November 18, 1951. I was hoping we might be able to explain Dad’s failure to visit his father in the hospital to being on sea duty at the time but it seems likely he was back in Pennsylvania and could have made the trip. So sad.