Trovando Famiglia has a Facebook Page

As part of my recent WordPress course – Blogging 201 – I’m learning a lot of great and useful techniques. I’m learning to extend my “brand” by using other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

So this morning I created a Facebook page for Trovando Famiglia – the family history blog that captures all we’ve learned about our Giorgio ancestors from San Vito Chietino, Italy. I hope it will inspire dialog, allow more people to read about and contribute to the family stories and perhaps even reach more relatives we haven’t met yet, maybe even some relatives in Italy!

I am flattered that several Giorgio descendants have expressed appreciation for my efforts over the past 18 months to capture the details of the Giorgio family story. There is only so much I can glean from the public records so it really is your stories that add the rich and vibrant detail that make this blog interesting. Don’t be shy – add your piece of the puzzle by leaving a comment in the comment box at the very end of this post or on Facebook.

Add your missing piece!

Add your missing piece!

One thing I’ve learned over the past two years of conducting genealogy research. There will be discrepancies in anyone’s family story. Sometimes the “official” records get it wrong. Sometimes two people observe the same event or hear the same story and remember it differently. I am always happy to hear from anyone who has a different take on something I’ve written here. I will always try to indicate a source for the “facts” that I recount but there are definitely times when I speculate on a certain things.

Later today I will continue the series I started last Sunday on the descendants of the four original Giorgio boys. In case you missed it here’s a link for that post. 21 and counting We left off at 21 after counting Ciro and Rosario’s children and their spouses and children. Today we’ll boost that number substantially when I write about Adriano and Custode.

Ciao for now.


What Can You Add to the Story?

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