Romeo, Romeo, Romeo (yep there were 3) Where Are You?

Our last week of the Giorgio headcount! We left off at 115 and now turn to the branch of the Giorgio family tree I know the least about. The youngest Giorgio brother, Romualdo, was actually the third son born to Nicola and Filomena with that name. The first two Romualdos died as infants, the first at six months and the second at 18 months.

Most of what we know about Romualdo, who was often listed as Romeo, and his wife Dorinda comes from census reports and his Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen, which was filed in the court of common pleas in Lawrence County on March 15, 1940.  At that time, Romualdo was unemployed but in earlier census reports he worked on the B&O Railroad and later in 1940, he was listed as a laborer at the tin mill.

Romualdo was born on December 7, 1879 and was the last of eleven children born to Nicola and Filomena – five girls and six boys. Romualdo arrived in America for the first time on March 24, 1904 and the ship’s log indicates he was going to Dunbar, PA where his brother Adriano lived. Although he appears to be traveling alone, the log indicates he is married.  From the marriage date listed on his Declaration of Intent, it seems he married in Italy and was in the US two months later. Unlike the first three Giorgio brothers who listed their occupations as “laborer,” Romualdo identified himself as a “sailor.” Perhaps this is because of the family’s connection to the sea in San Vito Chietino. He may have worked on fishing boats before coming to America.

Romualdo’s wife, Dorinda, arrived in America for the first time in 1906. From Romualdo’s declaration of intent to become a citizen, their five children and their dates of birth are:

Nick Anthony George – December 13, 1907
Concetta (Connie) George – March 23, 1909
Louis A. George – November 16, 1911
John George – December 14, 1918 and
Filomena (Phyllis) George – September 4, 1923

They were all born in New Castle and as of March 1940, they all lived in New Castle according to Romualdo’s Declaration of Intent.

Romeo worked on the railroad as did his brother Pasquale. In the 1910 Census, Romeo and Dorinda and their first two children Nick and Concetta, are listed at 404 S. Mill Street and they have four boarders living with them – all men in the late 20s to mid- 30s – all from Italy.

Romeo died of a stroke on December 15, 1941.  His wife Dorinda died just over eight years later on January 12, 1950. I did not find the final citizenship papers for Romeo and since he died 21 months after he filed his declaration of intent, he may not have completed the process.

Until I entered the birth dates for each of the children into the Giorgio Tree on, I hadn’t found much about the children. Once the birth dates (from Romeo’s Declaration of Intent) were entered, I got lots of clues and found another family tree that included Concetta George Cupido and her son, Robert Cupido born in 1934. I remember Irene mentioning a cousin named Bobby Cupido and the 1940 census shows Concetta and her son Bobby living at 1008 Lutton Street with Romeo and Dorinda. Nick George’s family (Irene’s family) lived on Lutton Street and I think Irene mentioned they were catty-corner from her Aunt Dorinda and the families were close.

Irene recalled that Bobby and his family moved to Virginia (Irene has an amazing memory) and I found his marriage license for his marriage to Sally Ann Nitz, who was original from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  BobbyCupid.Sally Ann Nitz.marriage.1956.VA It seems that at some point, Bobby and Sally Ann moved to Milwaukee and his mother Concetta joined them. They are all buried there. Perhaps this post will help find some of their descendants who would like to know more about Grandmother Concetta Giorgio Cupido’s family.

Because of his records with the Sons of Italy lodge, which paid her a death benefit, I know that Louis A. George had a wife named Clara DeLeone who was born on October 11, 1916 and died on February 7, 1977. LouisAGeorge.SonsofItaly.deathbenefitfileAccording to her death certificate she was a hairdresser. They married on April 28, 1937, but I do not know whether they had children or if so how many.

Clara DeLeone George Death Certificate

Clara DeLeone George Death Certificate

John George remains a mystery (the name is difficult to search because it is so common) so I don’t know about his marriage or children.

Finally, Phyllis Lucille George shows up in Social Security Death records as dying on August 17, 1998. From her name I am guessing she remained single.

So Romeo’s line adds 12 to the Giorgio family headcount and that brings our grand total to 127. This is based on the assumption that other than Phyllis the children all married. It is probably low, because I have only accounted for one grandchild – Bobby Cupido. Perhaps this post will help find more distant relatives, remaining descendants of the last of the Giorgio boys to come from San Vito Chietino, Italy to New Castle PA.


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