Friday Foto Feature

Last week I posted the Friday Foto Feature on Facebook but since there are Trovando readers not on FB, I thought I’d start putting the photos on the blog instead. Everything on the blog links to FB but not everything on FB shows up on the blog.

So today’s picture is provided by Lainie (George) McGreevy and shows the type of glass that the grandchildren got to drink their lukewarm milk out of when they went to Grandma George’s house. Apparently, Custode had an “ice box” until the ice delivery man retired and she was forced to get a refrigerator.

Who recognizes this glassware?

Who recognizes this glassware?


One thought on “Friday Foto Feature

  1. I don’t remember this glass design but I can picture both the ice box & the stove with legs circa 1920 . I’m guessing. I’m pretty sure my dad , Gene L.A. George , Custode’s son bought the refrigerator for Her. Their conversation was always a mix of Italian & English with my dad struggling to come up with the correct Italian word.😀,
    Carole Ann George Johnson


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