Friday Foto Feature Returns

George Cousins Reunited July 2013

George Cousins Reunited July 2013 (L-R: Rick George, Terry Colaluca, Lynnette Veri, Andrea Inman and Irene Veri)

I had a momentary panic attack yesterday when I couldn’t find the photos we downloaded from our trip to PA in 2013. Rick to the rescue!!! He found them safe and sound in the computer files and on the back up of the hard drive – whew!

So here are a few photos from that visit that I thought folks might enjoy. I love seeing the one of us gathered around Irene’s dining room table. What a fun day that was!

507 Lutton Street New Castle, PA - July 2013

507 Lutton Street New Castle, PA – July 2013

The next day we drove through New Castle to see some of the addresses we’d been reading about for so long – 507 E. Lutton Street – where Nick and Mary George raised their six children and 109 E. Home Street where Pasquale Giorgio lived (it actually seemed like his house may have been in the grassy area to the left of the house in this picture based on the address.)

109 East Home Street, New Castle PA - July 2013

109 East Home Street, New Castle PA – July 2013

Of course a few days later we had to snap a few shots of the place where it all started at Custode’s house in Dunbar.  We also found her grave (it was not that easy to find even though we asked at the cemetery office.) It’s interesting that Aunt Phil and her husband Tony Galand buried their mothers next to each other (the name of the cemetery escapes me at the moment) but I think Phil and Tony are buried in the St. Aloysius cemetery, which is not where their mothers are buried.

The random red brick building is the school that was just a few doors down from Custode’s house. Somehow with the boarded up windows, I don’t think it was going to be around for long so I’m glad I got a picture of it because it is probably where Adriano’s and Custode’s children went to school.

I’m not sure what order the photos will display in but the photo just before the cemetery picture is the view of Custode’s house that would have been from Aunt Phil’s vantage point. Several people have mentioned the big garden that was between Grandma’s house and Aunt Phil’s house.

Custode's House in July 2013from Aunt Phil's view.1 graves


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