Friday Foto Feature – Custode’s Boys

Custode's Boys

Custode’s Boys

This is one of my favorite photos. Not surprisingly, there’s likely to be some uncertainty about exactly who is who in this picture. It would help to know when it was taken. My guess is around 1920 – 1925. Any ideas from family photo enthusiasts who might be reading this blog?

And true to what several female descendants of Custode have noted, the girls didn’t seem worthy of a photo. It seems she had a preference for boys including her sons and grandsons and according to Irene Veri, she tended to remember her granddaughters by which son they belonged to rather than their names.

Here’s what I’ve pieced together (from various sources) as the birth dates of Custode’s children, in order from oldest to youngest starting with Fred who was my husband’s grandfather.

  1. November 19, 1899 – Frederick William George
  2. December 18, 1901 – Luigino Anthony George – Gene (who later went by Gene L.A. George, which I think is a great way to honor his given name plus it sounds so Hollywood!)
  3. July 19, 1903 – Joseph Lloyd George
  4. June 3, 1905 – Philomena George – Custode’s first daughter
  5. November 21, 1906 – Lena (whose birth certificate lists her name as Angelina Ida George, her father as Andy Georgia and mother as Custode Yacobucci. Her marriage license application lists her name as Lena Agnes George.
  6. September 23, 1908 – Hubert Allen George
  7. December 13, 1909 – Lydia Lucia George (who died on September 17, 1916 of scarlet fever)
  8. April 1, 1911 – Victor A. George (does anyone know what the “A” stands for? In the 1920 census there was a child listed as Americus that was the right age to be Victor, but I’ve never heard whether or not that was his middle name.)
  9. 1912, probably late in the year – Francis George (I haven’t been able to find his birth date yet.)

Okay – if this doesn’t get folks talking I’m not sure what will! Whose who in today’s Foto Friday???


7 thoughts on “Friday Foto Feature – Custode’s Boys

  1. I have this photo on my desk. I know my dad, Gene L. A. George is top center. I’ve puzzled over the others. Carole George Johnson Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Kalen,
    I believe ‘The George Boy’s’ are:
    Back Row…left to right: Uncle Frank–Uncle Gene–our Dad ~ Joe George
    Front Row…left to right: Uncle Victor–Uncle Hubert
    Again, thank you Kalen…for all your efforts and time in obtaining and sharing this amazing
    story of the George Famiglia…
    Best ~ Chris

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chris –
      Thanks for leaving a comment. That could be it – I know that Victor and Frank were the youngest but Hubert was close in age too. Everyone who has commented has agreed on Gene and Joe and that Uncle Fred (the oldest) is not in the picture.


  3. The boys in this picture are the sons of Adriano and Custode Giorgio who lived in Dunbar, PA. Their son Victor was born in Dunbar in 1911.
    Adriano had a younger brother named Pasquale who lived in New Castle, PA. He had a son named Victor who was born in 1915. Pasquale’s son Victor married Mary Cestrone and they had four children – all born in the 1930s: Victor, Janice, Phyllis and Pasquale (who went by Pat).
    Jamie – the boys in this picture are your grandfather’s cousins – but not your direct line ancestors. It gets confusing with so many cousins with the same name.
    Glad you found the blog and hope you enjoy reading about what my research has revealed about the four Giorgio brothers who came from Italy to Pennsylvania in the late 1800s.


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