Wonders of the World Wide Web!

I love the sound my phone makes when someone leaves a comment on my blog. It’s a lilting, rising, chime that has a happy sound. Or maybe I’ve interpreted it as a happy sound because it means someone “likes” or has commented on something I wrote.

Since  I haven’t posted in a couple of days I was surprised to hear that sound earlier today – not once but twice.

I was even more surprised when I found I had a message from Antonio with the following list:

Vita Amalia Vittoria GIORGIO F 09 mag 1861
Clotilde GIORGIO F 16 mar 1863
Ciro GIORGIO M 18 mar 1865
Romualdo GIORGIO M 06 mar 1867- 03 ago 1867
Emilia GIORGIO F 01 gen 1869 – 19 ott 1945
Romualdo GIORGIO – M 25 mag 1870 – 07 ott 1871
Adriano GIORGIO M 28 dic 1871
Annunziata GIORGIO F 10 mar 1874
Anna Domenica GIORGIO F 28 feb 1875 – 17 feb 1892
Pasquale GIORGIO M 20 mag 1877
Romualdo GIORGIO M 07 dic 1879

These above are all the sons of Nicola Nunziato Sabio GIORGIO (25 mar 1837) and Filomena PACE (01 dic 1839)

If you know the Italian abbreviations for the months of the year, you probably noticed that the list above is written in Italian. Readers of Trovando Famiglia will recognize Ciro, Adriano, Pasquale and Romualdo – the four Giorgio brothers who came to Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. The other names on the list are their brothers and sisters – and yes – there were two sons named Romualdo who died as children before the one who survived and immigrated to Pennsylvania.

All of sons of Nicola and Filomena who survived to adulthood left Italy and settled in Western Pennsylvania, although Adriano didn’t stay. Their daughters however, stayed in Italy and two of them, Clotilde and Emilia married brothers whose last name was Iarlori. Descendants of these two Giorgio sisters currently live in San Vito Chietino based on the next message I got from Antonio Iarlori.

“In San Vito there are Emilia Giorgio and Clotilde Giorgio’s descendants. The Iarlori family.”

Surely it’s only a matter of time before we are in contact with our Italian cousins. I am not sure who Antonio is or how he has this information, but the list of names is the same as the one Terry Colaluca provided and I believe she got it from someone in the mayor’s office in San Vito Chietino. It certainly seems likely that our Italian relatives are now learning a bit more about their American cousins through this blog. I hope we will be able to reach further back and learn about the Giorgio family in San Vito Chietino.

Grazie mille, Antonio.

If you’d like to learn more about our hometown – check out this link.




4 thoughts on “Wonders of the World Wide Web!

    • Lynnette – Pretty exciting but I hope I will hear more from him. I did notice that Trovando got 17 views in Italy yesterday so that is encouraging – more cousins to meet. Think it might be time for that Italian class I’ve been planning to take for awhile.


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