One Search is Over!

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know I’ve been searching for anything I can learn about Custode Iacobucci George, my husband’s great grandmother. Many of you have shared wonderful stories and memories that help us understand what she was like.

We’ve come a long way in the three years since Rick first discovered his great grandmother’s name on the World War I draft registration card for his grandfather. It took another 18 months and a trip to Pennsylvania before we learned that her maiden name was Iacobucci and that she had a sister named Rose.

But other details continue to elude us.  Was she raised in a convent in Naples where she learned to read and write before she came to America? Or was she from Castel di Sangro, the home town of many other Iacobuccis and Buzzellas that show up in several family trees on We know that Rose Buzzella was her older sister and lived with her and Adrian in Dunbar in 1910. We also know that a Vincenzo Iacobucci signed Custode’s marriage license as her “guardian” but the license didn’t indicate their relationship. Older brother – maybe an uncle???

From a death certificate for Vincenzo Iacobucci we learned that his father’s first name was Augustine. This is how we learned that Vincenzo and Joseph Iacobucci were brothers (probably). I wondered if Custode and Rose might be their sisters but without being able to find their death certificates I couldn’t make the connection by matching their parents’ names.

As I was scouring some online records today trying to learn more about Custode’s youngest child – Frank who was born in 1912 or 1913, I decided to search for Custode one more time in the Connellsville Daily Courier.  A search for her name yielded nothing. But then I decided to check the newspaper for the day she died. Maybe I’d find her obituary and maybe there’d be some good information in there. Maybe something like this:


I’ve read about breaking through a “genealogical brick wall” before but I never experienced what it felt like until today! The first link to connect Custode and Rose to Vincenzo and Joseph. The first link to the Iacobucci family that is well-documented on other public family trees, that do not include Custode and Rose. There’s still a lot of work to do, but discoveries  like this are what keep me going.

And as for Frank (who seems to be even more elusive than his mother) look what else I found in Custode’s obituary:


Hollywood – here we come!!!


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