Iacobucci Sisters from Derry, PA

The timing couldn’t be better to discover the name of Custode’s father and her probable relationship to Vincenzo and Joseph Iacobucci. I’m tuning in later today for a webinar entitled:

“Pointing Fingers at Ancestors’ Siblings – Breaking Down Brick Walls with Collateral Research”

The thrill of yesterday’s discovery is beginning to wear off. I suppose that’s how it goes in genealogical research. “Heavy sigh …” Especially with the Italian convention of naming first born sons after the father’s father – you can see how easy it would be for Vincenzo and James to be Custode’s cousins instead of her brothers but even that discovery should help make the connection to where in Italy she is from.

Another interesting tidbit. I remember Lainey mentioning that there were three Iacobucci sisters she never met. She thought they were spinsters and somehow related to Custode, but she wasn’t sure where they lived – maybe New Castle.

It turns out that the 1940 census shows Vincenzo’s three adult daughters – ages 41, 31 and 28 – living in Derry PA, with their father and brother Joseph. Joseph died of TB in the 1940s.  I’m curious about these three Iacobucci women and will have to learn more about them.




2 thoughts on “Iacobucci Sisters from Derry, PA

  1. Joseph died of tuberculosis a long time before we were even born so I doubt that was even an issue. What I remember being told was that Grandma George’s cousins, the three Iacobucci spinster sisters, were able to remove “the Evil Eye”. If you were unfortunate enough to be cursed, you could go to them and they would perform a ritual using water and oil to remove the curse. Nothing was ever said about them giving the malocchio.
    I think my Dad visited them in New Castle when they were there to visit someone who lived close to Uncle Nick and Aunt Mary. The fact that we didn’t go with my Dad had more to do with the inconvenience of him dragging us along rather than him being worried about their malevolence (they were good stregas) or us catching a disease.

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    • Lainie –
      Thanks for the clarification – I didn’t quite remember why you and your sisters weren’t allowed to see the Iacobucci sisters – but it is good to know that they used their special talents for good. The ones I found would have been Grandma George’s nieces if Vincenzo was her brother, which I hope I will be able to prove. Unfortunately my preliminary research into the family trees that have an Augustine Iacobucci in Italy is generating a lot of inconsistent finds – no clear path to find out where in Italy our Iacobucci ancestors came from. But it’s always nice to have a new challenge.


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