Happy New Year – Friday Foto Feature

8 ZSC_0020

After last winter, I suspect my friends and family up North are happy that this winter has been mild so far. Here in North Carolina we’ve had unseasonably warm and wet weather. I’m ready for winter!

Maybe that’s why I chose this snowy scene for my first Friday Foto Feature of 2016. The adults in this picture from left to right are: Bill Galand, his wife, Dolores Galand and his father, Tony Galand. The children are three of the five sons born to Bill and Dolores – perhaps Mark, Scott and David. The picture was probably taken in the late 1950s in Dunbar, PA.



One thought on “Happy New Year – Friday Foto Feature

  1. I love this photo. I would like to know what happened to Billy, Deloris and the children. I remember Deloris as being so nice and so pretty. I believe she was the nurse that took care of Billy when he had a construction accident and lost his fingers. Anyone know about them?

    Thanks for the post Kalen and Happy New Year to you, Rick, Sarah and Will. 🎉

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