Thursday Tidbit

Custode.1949One of my favorite genealogy  blogs is the Legal Genealogist. She covers a wide range of topics and often provides information on resources that are helpful to genealogists.

Earlier this week a reader posted a question about what information might they might find from their ancestor’s federal Form SS-5. Form SS-5 is the form that you fill out to get a social security card. It often contains relevant details(parents’ names, place of birth, occupation) and is usually first-hand information directly from your ancestor, which tends to make it more reliable than information from secondary sources.

Since I have Custode’s social security number from the Social Security Death Index, I decide it was worth $27 to see what information it contains. I’m  hoping it will have the exact town in Italy where she was born and her mother’s maiden name, but it might just say “Italy” for place of birth.

I’m curious why Custode ever got a social security card since from what I can tell, she never worked outside the home. The SSDI indicates it was issued in 1966-67 (she died in December 1967) so perhaps it was related to setting up her estate.


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