Marriage Announcement for Lena George and Nick Renzi

One more tidbit to round out the story on Nick and Lena’s marriage. This was in the Connellsville PA paper on Friday, September 15, 1939. I love it when the newspaper uses the adjective “interesting” to describe and event. What the heck does that mean?



3 thoughts on “Marriage Announcement for Lena George and Nick Renzi

  1. My guess is this ~ Angelina Ida became Lena Agnes because she liked her Confirmation name of Agnes more than she liked her given name of Ida. After the rite of Confirmation in the Catholic Church her name would be Angelina Ida Agnes George. She would have been able to choose her own Confirmation name.
    I think the fact that she chose to honor St. Agnes, who is the patron saint of young girls, is very endearing. She was also Italian.

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  2. Adding to the story of Lena and Nick.leaving on their wedding trip it didnt add that with them a Harold Galand was with them due to the.arrangement Lenas mother insisted he go with them. What a arrangement to start a marriage. Nick died ten years second marriage and ten years to Julia his first wife and mother of Dominic And Eugene(Gene) Strange Yes you were right . Amanda and Jennie were both married to Joseph Coccia of Newark.Boy how can you keep all this.straght??? Thanks


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