Obituary for Nick Renzi

NickRenzi.obit.15June1949Here’s the obituary for Nick Renzi. He spent two months before his death in St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh. This appeared in the Connellsville Paper on June 15, 1949.

I believe Nick was the only boy in his family and had four sisters. Articles like this are quite helpful in finding the married names of his sisters. It also tells us that one of them lived in Newark New Jersey.


Learning this helps put an earlier article in perspective. The article below was in the newspaper in November 1939. It was clear that a close relative of the Renzi family who lived in Newark NJ had died. By the last line in Nick Renzi’s 1949 obituary, which mentions that his sister Amanda Coccia “predeceded him in death,” I think it is safe to assume that she is the Mrs. Joseph Coccia who died in November 1939.CocciaFuneral.NewarkNJ.24 Nov1939





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