Thanks Very Much Dominic Renzi!

Dominic.marksmanshipcompetition.1957I didn’t win last week’s Powerball $1.6 billion prize but when I opened my mail today I knew I had hit the Jackpot! Dominic Renzi sent me pictures of the family – actual – original photos of Lena (his stepmother) and other photos from the Renzi farm on Limestone Hill, PA. Also some photos of Dominic and his family, Bill Galand and Dominic when they worked at Fayette Bank and various articles about our famous cousin – the Baron Galand and his election into the Chef’s hall of fame.  A true treasure trove – and I am deeply grateful.

I will scan the photos when I get home so I can share them here. I might not be able to wait until Friday’s Foto Feature because I have got a picture from Dominic of beloved Aunt Rosie. Dominic had already mentioned that Aunt Rosie helped take care of the boys and was somewhat of a buffer between them and Lena.

So as I continue my newspaper searches and try to save everything I find so that I can find it again later, it seems a good time to share this picture and article about Dominic – which is just one of many attesting to his marksmanship skills. As scans of these newspaper pictures go, this one is better than most. Hard to believe this was taken 59 years ago.

I am always happy to receive pictures and I promise they will be shared here unless you ask me not to. But I hope you will agree that sharing our family photos here is the best way to reunite our famiglia.

Here’s the text to accompany the picture:




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