Custode George’s Social Security Information

In early January I ordered a copy of Custode’s SS-5 form – the form that I hoped would indicate her parents’ names and where in Italy she was born. I’ve been eagerly checking the mail each day for a week or so and yesterday the letter from the Social Security Office finally arrived.

But it didn’t contain her form SS-5. According to the letter, that form is missing and the only available information is her form-OAC-790, which was included. The letter indicates this form is completed when a claim for benefits is filed and usually contains the same information as the form SS-5. Unfortunately for her place of birth it just says Italy so we don’t get much help on exactly where in Italy she was born.


It’s hard to read the form (even if I were able to get it oriented the right way) and there’s no key to explain what the various codes mean. Apparently this form isn’t used anymore and I haven’t had much luck finding a sample form to help me decipher this one. But rather than dwell on what this form doesn’t tell us, let’s look at what it does. It confirms that Custode has the same parents that were listed on the death certificate for Joseph Iacobucci who lived in New Castle and died in 1942 and Vincenzo Yacobucci who lived in Derry, PA and died in 1943. It’s nice to have that hunch confirmed.

It’s also very interesting how her parents’ names are spelled. Augustine Yaccibucci and Filomena Petracci.  In most other records I’ve seen Petracci is spelled Petrarca. On Joseph’s death certificate their names are spelled Iacobucci and Petraca and on Vincenzo’s they are spelled Yacobucci and Petrarca – slight variations but certainly close enough to be the same people. Joseph’s place of birth is listed as “Castelo di Sangro, Italy.” The point of confirming that Joseph and Vincenzo are her brothers is to know that time spent searching their family history will be useful to learn about ours.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours getting lots of detail on someone who turns out not to be related to your ancestor.

And look what great information we get from James  Iacobucci’s obituary in the New Castle News on Monday, June 8, 1942.


We learn that in addition to the brother in Derry that we know about and the sisters, Custode and Rose, there’s a brother in Akron, Ohio named Anthony Iacobucci.  This is another great clue for finding out more about the parents of these Iacobucci siblings. I have to believe the reference to Rose Iacobucci is aunt Rosie – but did anyone know she was living in California in 1942? or that she was using her maiden name instead of Buzzella?  New avenues to pursue!

It is also useful to have his children’s names – especially the girls who would be harder to search if I didn’t have their married names. These are Irene’s cousins and although they were much older than she was, she does remember some things about their children who were closer to her.  Lutton Street (where Irene grew up) and Summit Street are close to each other.

The final thing we know from Custode’s OAC-790 form is that she filed a claim for benefits on January 24, 1967. This suggests that she may have received social security benefits for the last year of her life but I can’t be sure about that since I don’t know what the codes mean. Even though she may not have paid into the social security system, there was a nominal benefit that was available when someone reached a certain age. This also suggests that at some point before filing this claim, Custode became a naturalized citizen. I think that is what the “N” in the space between her birth date (05/27/1880) and the date of the application (01/24/1967) stands for. Maybe if I can find her naturalization papers we can learn a bit more about where in Italy she was from and exactly when she arrived.




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