Where’d He Go Wednesday – Hubert Allen George

Who remembers Uncle Hubert? Other than Uncle Frank, he was the only one of Custode’s children to venture very far from Dunbar. Like his older brothers, Hubert attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, graduating in 1932. Also like his younger brother Victor, he died of a heart attack when he was quite young. (Hubert had just turned 50 in September and Victor was only 49 when he died in July 1960.) According to his obituary in the Connellsville paper, Hubert had the heart attack in his office on Saturday November 15, 1958.

Hubert and Grace lived in HubertGeorge.obit.11.22.1958East Aurora, New York, a small town south east of Buffalo, New York. From the map I just saw it looks like it was about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Dunbar. Hubert and his wife Grace show up in the 1951 directory for East Aurora and also in the directory for 1958. I need to search earlier directories to figure out when they moved there.

Although I haven’t found when Hubert and his wife Grace were married, I think they met in Pittsburgh. According to the 1940 census, when they were married and living in Midland, PA, they both lived in Pittsburgh in 1935 but it isn’t clear whether or not they were married then.

Homeforholidays.12.29.1934From the Connellsville Daily Courier on December 29, 1934, we know that Hubert and Grace Halliday were serious enough that he brought her home to meet the family. In addition to Hubert and Grace, Fred, Betty and their son Jimmy, as well as Victor and Francis  were visiting.  This is one of the few times I’ve seen Custode referred to as Mrs. Adrian George. Notice also in Hubert’s obituary that he was the “son of Mrs. Christine George and the late Adrian George.” This adds another clue as to when Adrian died – some time before 1958.

HubertatHome.8.16.1933In this clipping, from August 16, 1933, we learn that Hubert was living in Pittsburgh then which was a year after he graduated from pharmacy school. From the 1940 census we know he was also in Pittsburgh in 1935. But by 1940, he and his wife Grace were living in Midland, which must have been when he was working at George’s Pharmacy.

I would love to create a time line of when each of the George boys worked at George’s Pharmacy in Midland. It seems they all worked there at some point in time, with the possible exception of Joseph. Rick’s father Fred, who was born in 1923, remembers living in Midland and being in his father’s store. This would probably have been in the late 1920s or very early 1930s. Victor’s son Victor Walton, who now lives in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, also remembers being in the store when his father worked there. Victor Walton was born in 1940 and his father died in 1960 and listed his occupation as pharmacist. This would suggest that George’s Pharmacy was owned and operated by the George boys for about 30 years.




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