Friday Foto Feature – Josephine’s Children?

Josephine's children.adrian.Lainie sent me this picture last fall and I stored it as “Josephine’s Children” but I’m not sure who they are. I think Lainie also said that the boy was known as “little Adrian” but whether that was written on the back of the photo or she knew it some other way, I can’t recall.

There are two women named Josephine in the Giorgio tree;  (1) Josephine Fonzeno, who married Frank Louis George, the second son born to Nick and Mary George and (2) Josephine Giorgio Bucci, the oldest daughter of Ciro George. Josephine was born in Italy but came to New Castle in early 1901 with her mother Rosario.

Josephine was originally married to Dominick Gianni and had 4 children (Helen, Humbert, Anna and Mary born between 1915 and 1919). He died sometime between 1918 and 1920 and Josephine remarried Nick Bucci and they had one son together – Walter Bucci who was born in 1932.

Would love to hear from anyone with more information. But whoever they belong to – the sure are cute!


3 thoughts on “Friday Foto Feature – Josephine’s Children?

  1. That cute little girl in the photo is my sister, (and Joe George’s firstborn) Nancy Jo. The back of the photo says in my dad’s handwriting, “Sunday at New Castle Oct. 11, 1942. Adrian is probably one of cousin Irene’s nephews.
    Nancy Jo was 2 years old in the picture and the two of them couldn’t be cuter!!

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