Friday Foto Feature

I made it through my first week back at work after a week off. Here are a few of the pictures I scanned on my visit with Dominic Renzi.


Nick Renzi with a well dressed visitor from Brownsville at the farm


Dominic’s Giordano grandparents on 12th Street in Connellsville, PA


2 thoughts on “Friday Foto Feature

  1. I found this blog while doing an internet search. My name is Theresa Weinberg. The picture above is of my maternal grandparents. I am the youngest first cousin of Dom Renzi (on his Mother’s side). Dom’s Mother Julia Renzi and my Mother were sisters. It was so interesting to start to read your blog. I’d love to be in touch.


    • Theresa
      I’d love to be in touch too! I met Dom about a year ago and am so thankful for his great memory and pictures he shared with me.
      I’m responding on my phone before I head in to work but I’ll send more info once I log on to a computer later today!


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