Tuesday Tidbit – Iacobucci Siblings

This obituary appeared in the New Castle News on June 8, 1942. Joseph Iacobucci died on his birthday – June 5th. It helps establish family relationships. Apart from identifying his children, including the married names and location of his daughters, it names his siblings. It offers the connection that we’ve suspected but had not yet confirmed – Custode Iacobucci who married Adriano George and lived in Dunbar, PA was the sister of Joseph Iacobucci of New Castle. JosephIacobucci.obit.8Jun1942.NCN.p2

By identifying Joseph Iacobucci’s siblings, we can also confirm that the guardian who signed for Custode to marry Adriano George in 1899, Vincenzo Iacobucci, was her older brother. Later census reports consistently list James (aka Vincenzo) Iacobuci in Derry, PA.

Based on the information in the 1910 census report for Dunbar PA, the first and only mention of Custode and Adriano living together as husband and wife, we already knew that Rose was Custode’s sister because she was listed as Rosa Botsella and identified as the sister-in-law to the head of household – Adrian George.

It is likely that the connection between the Iacobucci and Giampaolo families that occurred when Joseph married Mary Ann in 1894, may have had something to do with Nick George marrying Mary Giampaolo almost 20 years later in 1915. Mary Frances Giampaolo was 18 years younger than her sister, Mary Ann Giampaolo who was married to Joseph Iacobucci.

From this obituary we can confirm the family relationships among at least four Iacobucci siblings who came from Italy to America: James, Joseph, Rose and Custode. It may be safe to assume these were the only members of this immediate Iacobucci family from Castel di Sangro who immigrated to America since no others are listed in Joe’s obituary.

When we examine the death certificate for James Iacobucci who died in 1943, we find a bit more information – the parents of these Iacobucci siblings – Agostino Iacobucci and Philomena Petrarca.


By combining the information from these sources we find a lot of the details that were missing from what we knew about Custode including the names of her parents and the town in Italy she was from. So even though I’m still having trouble confirming her immigration date, many questions are answered.

But now for the hidden information from Joe’s obituary. His sister Rose is listed as living in California. This is 1942 so many of the Giorgio descendants who have fond memories of Aunt Rosie were very young. Dominic Renzi remembers her living on Limestone Hill with his family at some point while his father was married to Lena George, which would have been between 1939 and 1949, but according to her brother’s obituary, Rose was living in California in 1942. Other family stories suggest that Rose spent time with many of her nieces and nephews in Pennsylvania, so her time in California was short lived but an interesting adventure for our beloved Aunt Rosie.


March 16, 2017 – Update – I could never go back and try to update all my posts over the past three years as I find more information. Example – in July 2016 I did find Rosallia’s and Custode’s immigration record. See this post from July 2016 when I found their immigration record.

But for minor things that need updating – I’ll try to add these post scripts. I now know that California is a town on the Monongahela River in Washington County, Pennsylvania. That is probably where Aunt Rosie lived in 1943 when this obituary for her older brother Joseph Iacobucci was written.



Where’d They Go Wednesday – Pasquale George

For the past three years as I’ve searched the stories that accompany the four Giorgio brothers who came to western PA from San Vito Chietino, Italy, Pasquale George has captured my attention. So finding his picture was almost as exciting as when we discovered Custode Iacobucci’s maiden name.

I’ve wondered what Pasquale looked like and last night, thanks to a picture provided by Pasquale’s granddaughter – Phyllis Duffy – I found out. Here is his picture that hangs on her wall.


And here is a cropped close-up that I made from this picture of Pasquale, with one that of Adriano Giorgio his brother. Hmmm… the quality isn’t great so it’s not too easy to compare the two but what do you think – could the men in these pictures be brothers?




Tuesday Tidbit – Renzi Family Home in Italy

Genealogical Tip – Talk to your oldest living relative – get all the information and family stories you can. You’ll have time to sort it out after they’re gone.

I’ve been blessed with many stories from older relatives on both my husband’s and my side of the family. Including my mother who is 82. In today’s tidbit I hope to give back to one of those relatives who has always wondered where in Italy his father was born.

Domenic Renzi grew up with the Giorgio relatives from the Dunbar/Connellsville PA area. He lived on the Renzi Farm on Limestone Hill and that is where Lena George moved in 1939 after she married Dominic’s father – Nick Renzi. Domenic knew that his father was born in Italy and came over as a young child.

Nick Renzi was born in 1895 and had one older sister named Rose. The rest of his siblings were born in PA. Nick’s parents were Domenico Renzi and Terese Vinci (sometimes Vinch or DiVinci) but none of the records I’ve looked at for them indicate their home town in Italy.

While perusing the PA birth certificates that are on line at Ancestry.com last night, I thought I would find one for some of Nick’s younger siblings since the records are digitized for the years 1906 – 1908 and Terese and Domenico were having children during those years. But I know from searching for other family members that the records are hit or miss and last night was no exception – no luck. Whether that is from lost records, mistakes in the digitization process or unreported births, I don’t know, but more often than not the birth record I’m looking for is not there.

But I did find the following record for the first child born to Carmine Renzi (37) and Rosina Corrado (26) born in Dunbar on 11 Jan 1908 and named Carmine Antonio Renzi. As you can see, Carmine the father is from a town that is hard to make out but with the aid of Google, I’ve determined it is Prignano Cilento – a town in Salerno in the Campania region in southwest Italy. It looks like it is on the coast.


I quick text to Dominic to see if he had any relatives named Carmine Renzi brought this response –

Strange – Dad’s brother was called Antonio Renzi and the 1908 could be Dad’s brother because Dad always said his brother was about 15 years younger. Boy – this could be because the farm was located in Dunbar – not the borough but the township.

From the parents’ names on the birth certificate – Carmine and Rosina – I’m pretty sure this is  not the birth certificate for Dominic’s uncle Tony but if there is a family connection between Carmine and Dom’s grandfather Domenico (brothers maybe?) finding Carmine Renzi’s place of birth in Italy would be a could starting point to infer that Domenico was also from that town

I checked the Connellsville Daily Herald for the dates that Domenico Renzi and Terese Renzi died, and though I found these articles, they didn’t help much in determining where in Italy they were from:


Connellsville Daily Herald – 8 Dec 1918


Connellsville Daily Herald        22 July 1936

But a bit more searching revealed this information from the Find-A-Grave website and though it’s not enough to conclude Prignano Cilento is where Nick Renzi was born, it’s a step in the right direction because it suggests that his mother Terese was from that town.

Terese Renzi.findagrave.info.6.20.16

Here is the ship’s log for Teresa Renzi arriving in New York from Naples on 30 April 1895 with two children. It is hard to read the two year old’s name but Dominic confirmed that his father had an older sister named Rose. The 2 month old seems to be Nicolina (even though he is incorrectly identified as a girl) and if that child is two months old, he would have been born in February 1895.

TereseRoseand NickRenzi.arrival.30Apr1895

Sure enough, three sources for Nick Renzi list his birth day as 12 Feb 1895. I’m confident that this is his arrival record. I think it is a good assumption (but not a 100% certainty) that he was born where his mother came from in Italy.

And one last bonus record – a place of birth, reported by Nick Renzi himself on his WWI Draft Registration:

Nick REnzi.WW1.Draftregistration

Nick George -Where’d They Go Wednesday

Each of the four Giorgio brothers except Ciro had a son named Nick. (Although it is possible that Ciro’s first son was named Nick, but he did not live to be an adult.) ,For today’s post I’ll provide a bit of information on four of them and help sort them out.

Thankfully, an important piece of advice that I got from Terry Colaluca when I began researching the George family in New Castle, PA was not to confuse the Italian George’s with the Syrian Georges. That was a big time saver for me because it is easy to get them mixed up especially in reviewing newspaper articles. They also tended to have children about the same ages and often with the same names. (I think there is also a Greek George family – to make things more complicated!)

From oldest to youngest, the Nicks are Nicholas Vitus George (1896-1974) son of Adriano and his first wife Marianne Frattura; Nick Anthony George (1907 -???? ) son of Romualdo and Dorinda George; Nicolino George (1916 – 1992) son of Pasquale and his second wife, Filomena and Nicholas Frederick George (1928- 2002) son of Nick Vito George and his wife Mary.

Nick George #1

Nicholas Vitus George was born in Castel di Sangro Italy in 1896 to Adriano’s first wife Marianne Frattura. His mother died the week after he was born and his father, Adriano, immigrated to America,  married Custode Iacobucci on February 14, 1899, and began his new family. In 1904, Adriano returned to Italy and brought his son Nick to Dunbar, PA. All of the children born to Adriano and his second wife Custode Iacobucci considered Nick their brother.

Nick’s youngest daughter, Irene Veri, is able to provide first hand accounts of her father as have many of her cousins. Uncle Nick is universally described as fun-loving, happy and jovial. He loved to sing and his wife Mary was a wonderful cook.  It is clear that visits to Nick and Mary’s home on East Lutton Street in New Castle created a store of happy memories for many Giorgio descendants.

Nick loved to sing, made wine in his basement (which he shared liberally with his guests regardless of their ages) and was active in church and community affairs. He never had a car and either walked or got a ride with someone when he needed to go somewhere.

Here’s one of Irene’s early memories of her father:

“My earliest remembrance of my father was when I was about 4 or 5 years old . . . he was working at the Irwin Works in Irwin, PA . . . a cousin of mine, also with the name of Nick George, his mother was Dorinda, also worked at the Irwin Works. He picked my father up and off they went. Since it was too far to commute back and forth in one day, they left early Monday morning and came back late on Friday. I remember standing on the couch looking out the window on Fridays waiting for him to come home. He always brought me a surprise and I greeted him with a big hug and kiss.”

And here’s a newspaper article and picture of her father from the New Castle News in December 1956 when the Sons of Italy began construction of a new lodge. Nick George is on the left holding his hat in his hand.Nick.SonsofItaly.bldg.1956.NCN

Irene can fill us in on whether or not her father ever made a trip back to Italy. I think he was planning one some time in the late 1940s or early 1950s when he got word of his father’s death but as far as I know he never visited his homeland but one of his sons did.

Nick George #2

The next Nick George, Nick Anthony George, was born to Romualdo and Dorinda George in 1907, three years after his parents arrived New Castle from Italy. His delayed birth certificate is copied below and includes his parents’ names and their birthplace. NickAnthonyGeorge.Delayed birthcert.1907Many of the articles in the New Castle News from the 1920s and 1930s mention Nick George as a wrestler and as the coach of the YMCA wrestling team. Nick was state champion in his weight class for several years. His younger brother John was also a  wrestler. Many of the 478 “hits” that I got when I searched the New Castle News were for this Nick George. In this picture from the March 31, 1934 edition, Nick is seated on the front row, far right and his brother John is beside him. Handsome guys – I would love to see a picture of their father Romualdo. Interestingly – they seem to bear the classic male George – non-smile.


Another interesting tidbit about this Nick George is that in 1942 he married a girl named Rose Colaluca, creating a second Giorgio/Colaluca connection. (The first occurred when Pasquale’s oldest daughter, Mary George, married Romeo Colaluca in 1928.)Nick

Nick’s younger brother John George was one of the first servicemen from New Castle, PA to die in World War II. You can read more about him here.

Nick George #3

Nicolino, Pasquale’s son, was born in 1916. Apparently he travelled to Italy with his father and brother Louis because the ship’s log from July 1925 shows them returning to America. It also gives his date of birth as August 1, 1916. I wonder if Pasquale returned to Italy in hopes of finding a new bride? It seems that is what he did after his first wife died in childbirth in 1914 only to have tragedy strike again in 1920 when his second wife died less than a week after giving birth to her fifth child in as many years.


In the 1930 Census Nick was living in the home with his father Pasquale, his half-sister Vida and two brothers, Victor  and Louis but by 1935 he was institutionalized at the Polk State School for the Feeble Minded. I know that institutions bring up a host of horror stories but during the Depression it was very difficult for people to take care of their families, particularly if one of the children was a special needs child. According to Terry Colaluca, although Nick was institutionalized for most of his adult life, his intellectual disability was not severe enough that he would be institutionalized today. Pasquale’s grandson Patsy George, visited his uncle Nick George on a regular basis. I have noted that Nick lived until 1992 but I don’t have a source for that date.

Nick George #4

In the next generation we find Nicolas Frederick George, the last of four sons born to Nick and Mary George. He was born in New Castle on March 7, 1927 and died on August 6, 2002. Terry remembers that a Nick George owned a small printing company in New Castle and I’m pretty sure that is our Nick because I saw some ads in the New Castle News for his printing company. This would make Nick the third of Nick and Mary’s sons to work in the newspaper business. Two older brothers, Frank and Anthony, moved to San Leandro, California and worked in the newspaper business out there.

NickJr.classified manager.

Friday Foto Feature – Circa 1906

Thanks to Lainie who sent me this picture that she found yesterday. The notation on the back indicates that it is a picture of her father’s brother – Fred’s school picture from Dunbar, PA but it doesn’t indicate where Fred is in the picture. Would anyone like to guess where he is in the line up?  I think we might get several different opinions but I’d love to hear what you think.

This might be one of the earliest pictures of Fred unless someone has a baby picture

Please answer by using right and left in relation to how you are seeing the picture. For example, “the first boy from the left on the first row is wearing a bow tie and the second boy from the right on the first row is not facing the camera.”


Happy hunting!