Friday Foto Feature – Circa 1906

Thanks to Lainie who sent me this picture that she found yesterday. The notation on the back indicates that it is a picture of her father’s brother – Fred’s school picture from Dunbar, PA but it doesn’t indicate where Fred is in the picture. Would anyone like to guess where he is in the line up?  I think we might get several different opinions but I’d love to hear what you think.

This might be one of the earliest pictures of Fred unless someone has a baby picture

Please answer by using right and left in relation to how you are seeing the picture. For example, “the first boy from the left on the first row is wearing a bow tie and the second boy from the right on the first row is not facing the camera.”


Happy hunting!


3 thoughts on “Friday Foto Feature – Circa 1906

      • One little boy in the first row from the “original picture” is not in the picture above. If I go by the picture that is shown above I agree with Kalen and Lynnette that Uncle Fred is front row – second from left. He looks just like Lynnette!!


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