Tuesday Tidbit – Iacobucci Siblings

This obituary appeared in the New Castle News on June 8, 1942. Joseph Iacobucci died on his birthday – June 5th. It helps establish family relationships. Apart from identifying his children, including the married names and location of his daughters, it names his siblings. It offers the connection that we’ve suspected but had not yet confirmed – Custode Iacobucci who married Adriano George and lived in Dunbar, PA was the sister of Joseph Iacobucci of New Castle. JosephIacobucci.obit.8Jun1942.NCN.p2

By identifying Joseph Iacobucci’s siblings, we can also confirm that the guardian who signed for Custode to marry Adriano George in 1899, Vincenzo Iacobucci, was her older brother. Later census reports consistently list James (aka Vincenzo) Iacobuci in Derry, PA.

Based on the information in the 1910 census report for Dunbar PA, the first and only mention of Custode and Adriano living together as husband and wife, we already knew that Rose was Custode’s sister because she was listed as Rosa Botsella and identified as the sister-in-law to the head of household – Adrian George.

It is likely that the connection between the Iacobucci and Giampaolo families that occurred when Joseph married Mary Ann in 1894, may have had something to do with Nick George marrying Mary Giampaolo almost 20 years later in 1915. Mary Frances Giampaolo was 18 years younger than her sister, Mary Ann Giampaolo who was married to Joseph Iacobucci.

From this obituary we can confirm the family relationships among at least four Iacobucci siblings who came from Italy to America: James, Joseph, Rose and Custode. It may be safe to assume these were the only members of this immediate Iacobucci family from Castel di Sangro who immigrated to America since no others are listed in Joe’s obituary.

When we examine the death certificate for James Iacobucci who died in 1943, we find a bit more information – the parents of these Iacobucci siblings – Agostino Iacobucci and Philomena Petrarca.


By combining the information from these sources we find a lot of the details that were missing from what we knew about Custode including the names of her parents and the town in Italy she was from. So even though I’m still having trouble confirming her immigration date, many questions are answered.

But now for the hidden information from Joe’s obituary. His sister Rose is listed as living in California. This is 1942 so many of the Giorgio descendants who have fond memories of Aunt Rosie were very young. Dominic Renzi remembers her living on Limestone Hill with his family at some point while his father was married to Lena George, which would have been between 1939 and 1949, but according to her brother’s obituary, Rose was living in California in 1942. Other family stories suggest that Rose spent time with many of her nieces and nephews in Pennsylvania, so her time in California was short lived but an interesting adventure for our beloved Aunt Rosie.


March 16, 2017 – Update – I could never go back and try to update all my posts over the past three years as I find more information. Example – in July 2016 I did find Rosallia’s and Custode’s immigration record. See this post from July 2016 when I found their immigration record.

But for minor things that need updating – I’ll try to add these post scripts. I now know that California is a town on the Monongahela River in Washington County, Pennsylvania. That is probably where Aunt Rosie lived in 1943 when this obituary for her older brother Joseph Iacobucci was written.



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