WOW!!! What a Week!

I am relaxing after a whirlwind week of genealogy classes, sightseeing in Pittsburgh, too much food and best of all – trovando famiglia!!! A Giorgio family reunion in Scottdale PA on Sunday July 24th. It truly was icing on the cake.


A huge THANK YOU to Glenn and Carole Johnson who hosted the event and to Carson’s Catering in Scottdale, PA for an absolutely delicious dinner and perfect setting!  Carole and Glenn graciously hosted a dinner for 25 descendants of Adriano and Custodia Giorgio – immigrants from Italy who made Western PA their home over 100 years ago. Their niece – Paula Santini – recounted her heart-warming adventure of returning to Italy to find her father’s family.IMG_4368

We had a slide show (with a LOT of help from Sarah and Jack – mille grazi) and we had a wonderful time reminiscing about our matriarch and my heroine – Grandma George. There’s no doubt she was not the “milk and cookies” kind of grandmother but she raised 8 children as a single mother in the early 1900s and left a close-knit family of strong and successful men and women who united today to honor her legacy. I am honored and humbled to be a very small part of that legacy.IMG_4371

Her story fascinates me and this past week has only strengthened my desire to make sure that it is not lost. Best of all were the next generation of her descendants – Jack Burnett, Colin Johnson and Sarah George – and the even younger generation of Eli – grandson of Richard Galland and Nico George, grandson of Irene George Veri – still in their teens.


Sarah George with her great aunt Lynnette George Burnett

I am tired so there will be a much more coherent post when I get home mid-week, but for now I am happy to relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling of family reunited.


Mille grazi to Carole Ann and Glenn Johnson.




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