Research Day at Uniontown

On Monday July 25th, instead of heading directly to Washington DC, Rick and I made a stop at the Fayette County Courthouse in Uniontown. We got there just a few minutes before the office with wills was about to close for lunch so we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to search for Vincenzo Versace’s will. I was curious to see if heIMG_4401 had a will and whether or not he left anything to Custode or Frank George.

Even though the records are on microfilm (once you use the index to find the correct book and page number) I love being able to search the original documents. This is the box where Versace’s will would have been if he had one. We came up empty handed.The next picture shows what the original documents look like.IMG_4402

Once they kicked us out of the Will’s office we made a stop at the Register of Deeds office. They were at lunch too but allowed us to use the records while they were out. It turns out there are quite a few deeds in the names of Andy George and Custode George. I was impressed that Custode owned property in her own name before 1912. It turns out that she owned more than just the three properties mentioned in the lawsuit. We didn’t get to copy all of the deeds but took pictures of a few using Rick’s cell phone which are not cooperating in my attempts to upload them.  One of the images is the deed when Custode finally got two of three properties back once the Trustee in Bankruptcy settled all claims with the other creditors of Andy George.




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