The Argentina Connection Grows Stronger

I was getting ready to write today’s Tuesday Tidbit about the my current research into the Black Hand but a message on changed that. My fascination with that group stems from the explanation that “Adriano was going out the back door, while members of the Black Hand were coming in the front.” Whatever the reason he certainly seems to have made a quick get away with very little trace.

A family tree from a source in Italy documents that Adriano married Maria Flamminio in Castel di Sangro, Italy in June 1913. This has always made me wonder if there was enough time for him to have left Pennsylvania for Argentina and still get married to someone in Italy just one year after he left Pennsylvania. But if it was an arranged marriage, maybe it didn’t involve a long courtship.

The family tree for the Giorgio family from San Vito Chietino shows that all of the sons born to Nicola Giorgio and Filomena Pace came to Pennsylvania but all of their daughters stayed in Italy. Their oldest daughter, Vita, was born in 1861 and married Carmine Scoccimarra. Having a name like Scoccimarra is wonderful when you’re doing ancestry research because it is unusual.

So here’s today’s message from

Hi Mr. George!

I am contacting you to try and figure out if you are related to my brother in law Pablo H. Scoccimarra. I am trying to help him with his ancestral search. He was born in Argentina. However his grandfather, Carmine Scoccimarra, was born in San Vito Chietino, Chieti, Italy and his father Nicola was also born in the same town. Carmine had a sister by the name of Vita and that is why I am thinking these are the children of Nicola Scoccimarra (documented relationship) and Vita Giorgio (not sure this was the name of the mother).
I noticed that you have some people in your tree who match some of the names in his tree and are from the same little town in Italy. Are you familiar with that part of your tree. I would love to find the connection, if it exists. Have you had a DNA test? I am trying to see if he gets one done to see if we can get more information that way.

Looks like we might have found the missing link to Argentina. It still doesn’t prove that Adriano went there, but it certainly would strengthen the connection if his sister’s grandson (Dominick Scoccimarra) lived there. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon and be able to document that the branches of the Giorgio family tree cover three continents!

Looks like the Black Hand post will have to wait – but I’ll leave you with a teaser. Of the 2 million newspaper articles I found on when I searched for the term “Black Hand,” there was a peak during the earliest years of the 1900s (1904-1912) and the state with the most articles was . . .  yep you guessed it – Pennsylvania.





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