Thursday Tidbit – Prayers for Italy

I hope by the time Rick and I visit Abruzzo, Italy (it will be many years before we can do that) there will be anything left. I was checking the internet this morning to see where last year’s earthquakes were (Amatrice) and the search revealed the account of new quakes – four in four hours – that hit Abruzzo yesterday. As if magnitude 5 and higher earth quakes weren’t bad enough, there has been a lot of snow so the quakes set off an avalanche that hit a hotel in Pescara. We probably won’t visit in winter but I bet the Apennines are beautiful with all the snow.

In preparation for February’s family history writing month, I was studying a map of Italy to see where Abbateggio is located. There’s a family tree on with a Iacobucci family from Abbateggio. There is no obvious connection to our Iacobucci family tree from the other but I thought if the towns were close it would strengthen the likelihood there might be one.


The two towns are not as close as I would have hoped in order to make a connection between the two Iacobucci families but it is interesting that the route from Chieti (where Adriano Giorgio was from) passes through Abbateggio to get to Castel di Sangro.

The Iacobucci family on the other family tree had a Valentio Iacobucci (1805-1870) and his wife Agata DiDomenico (1825-?). Their youngest son Carmine Giuseppe Iacobucci had a son – Nicola Iacobucci (1886-1935) who immigrated to America in 1910 and settled in Canton Ohio. Interesting variation on the name, his sons were named Buch.

I see a bright shiny object about to take me on another hunt. My hunch is that these could be distant cousins of our Iacobuccis but the names are rather different so that might suggest a more distant connection. I will probably contact the person who “owns” the other family tree to see if she or anyone in her family has had a DNA test then see if they are a match to Rick.






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