#FHWC – Day 3

I’m happy to report that I’ve met my writing goal for the first two days of the Family History Writing Challenge and I’ve been disciplined about writing during the entire time and not getting distracted by research. Next week will be more of a challenge since I have meetings after work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. My preferred time to write  is as soon as I get home from work.

Some of the things I’d like to know (hopefully some Giorgio cousins are reading this and will respond) have to do with the grocery store that Adriano and Custode had in Dunbar, PA. From what I can tell, they started it around 1904 and ended their shared operation of it when Adriano left town in 1912.

Does anyone remember hearing that Custode ran the store on her own after Adriano left? Did any of the children work in the store? From the lawsuits it seems that Adriano declared bankruptcy at about the same time he left Dunbar – May 1912 so I think that would have put them out of business. No doubt C was a shrewd business woman but would lenders at that time have made loans to a woman? Especially a woman who’s husband left town owing his creditors?

And finally – who can describe the house Custode lived in which is pictured below. I would love some detailed descriptions of what it was like. Lainie has mentioned being forced to drink lukewarm milk whenever she and her sisters visited Custode. Victor mentioned a room that was dark and full of clothes hanging (from the rafters?) that was somewhat spooky. Dominic and Carole Ann remember there was always a piano but don’t recall whether or not anyone ever played it.


I came across a few more articles of interest in the Connellsville Daily Courier. The first from October 1, 1909 indicating that Andy George bought the home of Frank Merchanti on Bryson Hill. Does anyone know if Bryson Hill is the name of the hill that was behind Custode’s house on Connellsville Avenue? If so, the house Andy bought in 1909 might have been the house that Philomena and her family lived in that was behind Custode’s house.

If so, this would be the view looking toward Custode’s house from that house. Look familiar to anyone? I’ve always imagined that Uncle Tony’s garden was in the grassy area shown in the picture.

from Aunt Phil's view.1real-estate-10-1-1909

Next an ad from February 1912 that indicates Andy George was taking orders for eggs and day old chicks. I’ve also added a few pictures of the breeds. As shown below they are: white orpington hens, light brahma chicks and a barred rock. From the descriptions I’ve found different breeds have different personalities, with light brahmas being very friendly.


And finally – though I can’t be sure this is all there is on the matter until I find more court records, this notice appeared in the Connellsville Daily Courier on May 25, 1912, which is just about the time Adriano made the great skedaddle. A debt of $131.76 doesn’t seem like a lot to me, even for those times. Hardly enough to cause him to leave town. So what else was going on?








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