Happy Birthday Irene George Veri

Today is Irene George Veri’s birthday!!! Happy birthday Irene. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do on this blog without your fantastic memory and family stories that offer so much background on the George family. And did I mention pictures?

Here are just a few to highlight your special day! Maybe you can add some comments to tell us all a bit more about them. Is this one with the piano in the background at your parents’ house in New Castle?


And here are a couple more in honor of our birthday girl.



Where are you going all dressed up?




Is this your front porch in New Castle?




6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Irene George Veri

  1. You sure have been busy plastering my pictures all over the internet!

    Yes, the piano was in my parents’ home on Lutton Street. I took piano lessons from grade 4 thru grade 12 … when I got married the piano did not go with me … there was no room for it in our house … so, it went to my sister Marian’s house, where her 2 young sons more or less thought it was a great big toy …

    The picture of me in the two piece dress with the stretch belt was taken by my brother Anthony when I was just out of high school … I remember it well … it was mint green … wasn’t going anywhere special that I remember …

    The formal gown was for a Rainbow dance … I was not a member of the Rainbows, but went with a couple friends of mine who were members .. the picture was taken in front of the tv in our living room …

    The picture of me, my friend Angie Stella (who is still a friend of mine) who I talk to almost every week … she still lives in New Castle … and my cousin Eleanor (Lynnette’s sister) … we were very good friends at that time and spent a week or so at each other’s house every summer … she was also in my wedding … I think we were all 16 at the time …


  2. Love seeing the photos of young Irene. She was such a pretty girl (still is). I remember her as always on the move and full of life.
    I’ve never seen the one of Eleanor – another beauty.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Happy Birthday cousin Irene❣ One of the best weddings I have ever attended was yours. I was very young but it is such a precious memory of mine. I remember dancing with Marian’s husband, Mario, with my feet on top of his shoes just like in the Godfather movie.
    One other thing ~ my father (your Uncle Joe), never referred to Uncle Nick as his “half-brother”. They were just “brothers” as far as my father was concerned.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday xoxo


    • Lainie –
      The one thing that has been very obvious in my research, whether from newspaper articles or stories that cousins have shared, is that all of Custode’s children considered Nick their brother – not a half-brother.
      Bearing in mind that Nick arrived from Italy in 1904 and Adriano was gone by 1912 – that is probably an indication that Custode welcomed him and treated him as her son.
      And I remember when I first met Irene in July 2013 – she talked about her grandmother Christine. She and I have often wondered if Nick may have ended up marrying Mary Giampaolo because Mary’s older sister was married to Custode’s brother Joseph – or at least that may have been how the two of them met.
      I guess that means that Nick’s uncle and aunt became his brother and sister-in-law.
      Thanks for sharing your memories of Irene’s wedding. I have a picture from that wedding but it’s too big for my portable scanner. I’ll try to scan it at work and post it.


    • Thanks, Lainie, for the birthday wishes … and yes, I did have a wonderful birthday …

      I also remember your mother and father fondly … your father referred to my dad as “Brother Nick” … and Uncle Tony referred to him as “Brother-in-law” … I remember well the visits from your family and Lynnette’s family … and I remember a picnic or reunion at your house in Industry … your father grew the best corn …

      The next time you go back to Industry, give me a call … maybe we can plan to meet somewhere … it is not too far from where I live …

      My daughter Lynnette is in real estate and has sold several houses in Midland and Industry … the couple that bought my house is from Industry …

      I also remember my brother Anthony telling me about your visits to his house in CA …


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