More New Cousins!

Last week I got a message from Irene Veri that she ran into her cousin Adele George at dinner. Adele is the youngest of two daughters born to Nicholas Anthony George and Rose Colaluca. Nick was the oldest son of Romualdo Giorgio – better known as Romeo.

Romeo was the youngest of the four Giorgio brothers who came to Pennsylvania from San Vito Chietino, Italy. He arrived in New York on March 23, 1904. The ship’s log indicates he was coming to visit his brother Adrian in Dunbar PA and that he had never been to America before. It also indicates that Adrian paid for his ticket. The log also indicates he was married at the time of his arrival but he travelled without his wife Dorinda.

Romeo and Dorinda settled in New Castle, PA, which is where all of the Giorgio brothers lived and raised their families (except for Adriano). The New Castle News is chock full of articles about Nicholas or Nick George, Louis George, Patsy George and Victor George. The trick is keeping them straight and remembering which one was born to which of the original Giorgio brothers.

Nick George at 307 Lutton Street is Irene’s father, who was Adriano’s first son, born in Castel di Sangro, Italy where he lived for the first 8 years of his life. His mother Marianne Fraturra died a week or two after giving birth to him.

Nick Anthony George at 1010 Hazen Street is the first of Romualdo and Dorinda Giorgio’s  three sons. Nick was born in New Castle in on December 13 or 14, 1907 (different sources show different dates). Nick was a state champion wrestler and wrestling coach at the New Castle YMCA. Nick joined the Army in World War II (two years after his younger brother John George died in the Philippines).

There are other Nick George’s from New Castle, PA and some are not Italian which makes things more complicated, but I’ll hold their stories for another day.

In fact, there were 518 “hits” when I searched for “Nicholas George” in the New Castle News and most of them were about these two Nicks and their wives, who were both active in social clubs in New Castle and frequently hosting events at their homes.

I’m hoping this article from the 1932 New Castle News will generate new information from someone who knows how the different names fit into the George family. It is about a George Family Reunion held at the Algoma camp. The text is transcribed below.

September 7, 1932 – New Castle News p.3 – George Reunion

A reunion of 57 relatives of the George families took place at the Algoma camp on Monday where a delicious dinner and corn roast was enjoyed. The dinner was served by Mrs. Josephine Bucci, Mrs. Nicholas George, Mrs. Dan Chiarini and Mrs. Benny Cupido.  

Games and swimming were the main features of the day, with Nick George in charge of events. Swimming race for the single men was won by Louis George; married women’s 50-yard dash was won by Mrs. Romeo Colalucca with Mrs. Benny Cupido coming in second; single girls 50 yard dash was won by Miss Mary Bucci with Miss Vida George coming in second; married men’s 50 yard dash, Pasquale George, Nick Bucci, Nicholas George and Nick Chiarini; (notice they don’t say who won) single men’s race, Louis Felicetti of Pittsburgh and Vito George; married men and single girls race won by Miss Lauretta Campoli of Pittsburgh; small girls race by Minnie George; climbing trees won by Vito Iarlori, card games won by Nick Panella and Constantine Campoli of Pittsburgh.  

Out of town guests were Mr. & Mrs. Patsy George of Youngstown, OH, Mr. & Mrs. Campoli, Mr. & Mrs. August Freda, Misses Lauretta, Jeannette and Concetta Campoli, Messrs Louis Felicetti, Fior Campoli all of Pittsburgh and Mrs. Benny Cupido of Peekskill, NY.

Some of these names – Bucci, Colaluca and Cupido are familiar and I know which branch of the George tree they belong to. Some, like Chiarini are familiar but I don’t recall how they fit into the family (I bet Irene does though!) And some of these names – Campoli, Felicetti and Freda are not and all familiar and really spark my curiosity. When I saw “Campoli” I thought it was a misspelling of Giampaulo (Irene’s mother’s maiden name) but when I saw it in another article I realized it was a name I hadn’t seen before in connection with any of the George family stories.

Mrs. Josephine Bucci is the oldest daughter of Ciro and Rosaria Giorgio. Her first husband died at a young age leaving her a widow with four children. Those children go by Gianni. She remarried Nick Bucci and they had one son – Walter Bucci. She, like Nick George (Adriano’s son) was born in Italy in 1896.

Mrs. Romeo Colaluca is Mary George, the oldest daughter of Pasquale Giorgio and his first wife, Concetta Iavicola who died in childbirth in 1914. Terry Colaluca remembers spending time with her grandmother Mary and also recalled there was another George/Colaluca connection, which turns out to be Nick George and Rose Colaluca.

Mrs. Benny Cupido is Concetta (Connie) George, the oldest daughter and second child born to Romeo and Dorinda Giorgio. She was born in New Castle in 1909.

But I’m always more interested in new names so the three families from Pittsburgh have piqued my curiosity. So I have a research task for this weekend, which is nice because it is supposed to rain tomorrow and turn cold on Sunday.

The other interesting name in the article above is Vito Iarlori. Iarlori is the married name for two of the Giorgio sisters who remained in Italy when their brothers Ciro, Adriano, Pasquale and Romualdo made their way to America. I’d seen an immigration record earlier that indicated a young Iarlori male was coming to America (in the 1920s I think) to visit his uncle. So Vito Iarlori is another interesting angle to explore. Being the best “tree climber” at the family reunion in 1932 suggests that he was young so whether this is the same Iarlori who immigrated or perhaps his son, is something I need to explore further.

Adele George and her sister Dorinda – the daughters born to Nick George and Rose Colaluca are the new cousins I began writing about in this post but as you can see there are quite a few more waiting to be discovered.

Would love to hear from anyone who might know more about these new cousins.

Here is the obituary for Romeo George who from the New Castle News – Tuesday December 16, 1941


St. Vitus is a church in New Castle – likely a typo for San Vito Chietino where he was born


Here is the obituary for his oldest son Nicholas Anthony Georgenicholasageorge-obit-part1-p-3ncn-1nov1976



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