Breaking News!!!

I love the fact that I am so immersed in the lives of our ancestors from more than 100 years ago that when I get NEW information – I feel it warrants a news bulletin. You know – the type that runs across the bottom of your TV screen when a tornado or blizzard is on the way.

This will be a short post because I am extremely tired from staying up late for the past three nights trying to read Italian handwriting and put together the Iacobucci family lineage from all the wonderful new sources that Wilberta provided.

I have also been in touch with someone who has a tree on with  a lot of information about some of our ancestors.   The important NEWS FLASH is from information she provided which is that the name FLAMMINIO – is not a name from Castel di Sangro but is found in San Vito Chietino. So I want to quickly correct my earlier statements that it is interesting that all three of Adriano’s wives were from Castel di Sangro. It seems that his last wife was not.

See -I told you it would be short. Hope to fill in more information this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News!!!

    • Basketball is too stressful to watch if it’s a team I care about because the outcome can change too quickly. It almost seems sacrilegious considering I live in the middle of Tobacco Road but it’s been true for years. My mother will keep me posted She’s a basketball fanatic


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