Happy to Have New Followers

I am thrilled that there’s been a flurry of new followers and likes on Trovando. I love it when people find this blog and leave comments. I feel badly that this is a particularly busy time for me at work and I haven’t been able to post anything in the past few weeks.

I hope you can stay entertained by reading earlier posts. Feel free to leave comments/questions and stories and I will try to respond ASAP.  I should also warn you that I’ll be attending the National Genealogical Society ‘s meeting in Raleigh NC from May 10th – 13th – so I’ll be pretty busy with work until then and then I’ll be immersed for a few days in learning new research techniques and ways to communicate our family story.

I love learning more about genealogy and how to find those missing pieces of our family puzzle. If you happen to be holding one of those pieces – be sure to leave a comment.

This photo was taken just over a year ago (March 2016) when Rick and I met Dominic Renzi.




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