Who’s Who in this Photo


Adriano Giorgio’s Children

This picture was taken in 1907. We know this because the youngest child in the picture – Lena George (in the high chair) was born on 21 November 1906 and the next youngest and only other girl, Philomena, was born on 3 June 1905. This picture was taken before Hubert (1908), Lucy (1909), Victor (1911) and Francis (1912 or 1913) were born.

From left to right the children are: Philomena George (1905) sitting on stool; Nick George (1896) standing; Lena George (1907) in high chair; Gene George (1901) standing; Joseph George (1903) sitting on stool and Frederick William George (1899) standing with hand on Joseph’s shoulder.

Interestingly, although Adriano named his first-born son after his father – Nicola and his first daughter after his mother – they didn’t follow the Italian naming tradition for the rest of their children.

This photo was one that Irene George Veri shared with me last summer. Irene is the youngest daughter of Nick George. Nick was born in Italy to Adriano’s first wife – Marianne Frattura who died a few weeks after his birth. Adriano went back to Italy and brought Nick to America when he was 8 years old. Here’s the ship’s log from their arrival in December 1904:


It is almost impossible to read that entry but from the index for the document it is clear that Adriano and his son Nicola arrived in New York on December 19, 1904 after leaving Naples on December 3, 1904. A nephew of Adriano’s – Nicola Scoccimarra, age 18, was also travelling with them. Interestingly, his final destination was listed as Dunbar and the relative he was visiting was identified as his uncle, Ciro Giorgio. Ciro was Adriano’s oldest brother. Most of the information we have about Ciro shows him living in New Castle, PA, not Dunbar, so this record helps place him there as late as December 1904.

I need to spend more time studying the ship’s manifest and looking into Nicola Scoccimarra. The oldest child born to Nicola Giorgio and his wife Maria Pace (Adriano’s parents) was a girl named Vita Amalia Vittoria Giorgio born in 1861. Her husband was named Dominick Scoccimarra so I assume that Nicola Scoccimarra was their son.


5 thoughts on “Who’s Who in this Photo

  1. I absolutely love this picture! It is really a treasure. I’m thrilled to see a picture of my father, Joseph, at the age of 4. All families are different, but I don’t see a strong family resemblance among Adriano’s children. No “peas in a pod” here.

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    • Lainie – So true and though Rick and I only have 2 children, they couldn’t look more different – a brown hair, brown-eyed daughter and a blond hair blue-eyed son. Good to hear from you – sorry I’ve been away from Trovando for awhile – April was a hectic month.
      Hope you are doing well.


  2. Same in my family ~ Casey has blue eyes and Brennan has brown eyes. Their Irish names always bugged my dad. He said with Casey that he finally got a boy in the family and his name is Casey McGreevy. He said he was giving him an Italian name so he called him (phonetically) “Cuzzadeetch”. I’m not sure what Italian name he was going for or one even existed but it sounded Italian. I still call him that sometimes.

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  3. I love this picture too … when my daughter, Lynnette, was little she looked exactly like my father … I asked her one time, pointing to my father in the picture, “Who is this?” … she answered, “Me” …

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