Rest in Peace – Walter Bucci

It always makes me sad when a relative I’ve never met passes away. True – I didn’t know Walter Bucci but that means I never got to learn what he remembered from growing up as the youngest child of Josephine Giorgio Gianni Bucci.

Josephine was the oldest child of Ciro and Rosario George. She was born in Italy in March 1896 and immigrated with her mother Rosaria in October 1901, most likely. I can’t find her name in the ships log but her mother is listed by her maiden name, Lanci, so it is possible that Guiseppina Giorgio shows up on another page. The ship’s log indicates that Rosaria is coming to join her husband Ciro Giorgio.

Walter Bucci was the only child born to Josephine and her second husband Nick Bucci. He was born on June 27, 1931 and joined a family of much older siblings. Josephine had four children with her first husband Dominick Gianni – all born in New Castle: Helen Ann (1914), Humberto (1915), Annabelle (1917) and Mary (1919). Nick Bucci also had a daughter named Mary from his first marriage. She was born in 1918.

So it seems that all of Walter’s siblings died before him and he never married. The reason I know he never married is because Irene Veri, who remembers EVERYTHING, grew up near Walter on East Lutton Street in New Castle.  Irene, please correct me if I’ve got this wrong but I think I remember you saying that at some point in time a girl came over from Italy as a possible wife for Walter but it didn’t work out. That must have been as recent as the 1950s when Walter would have been in his 20s.

Walter would not have known his grandfather Ciro Giorgio because Ciro died in 1926 but his grandmother Rosaria lived until 1959 and I believe he lived near her for most of his life so surely he would have had some stories/memories and perhaps even pictures of her. Walter Bucci.1952 (2)

I knew a few things about Walter from reading old copies of the New Castle News. He was a bowler and his name appeared in the paper a few times. He was also active in civic and church organizations, especially the Knights of Columbus Council #512 and served as Grand Knight in 1970. He ran a television sales and repair shop on Mill Street in New Castle. Irene remembers buying a TV from Walter, not that long ago. This picture is from the New Castle News on October 22,1952 when Walter worked for Perelman’s Jewelry and Television Store. This was an ad before their grand opening.

Two of his older sisters (Helen and Annabelle) never married and I think Irene told me they lived together in the family home on East Lutton Street until their deaths – Helen in March of 1997 and Annabelle in June of 2000. The two sisters named Mary both married. One who went by the name Marietta married Romeo Pacelli and lived in New Castle. The other, who I believe was Mary Gianni, married Armond Biasella. At the time of Josephine’s death in 1974, Mary and Armond Biasella lived in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Walter’s brother Humberto died at a very young age – 44 – of acute suppurative pancreatitis. Coincidentally, Ciro Giorgio, died of pancreatic cancer in 1926.

Here’s a link to Walter Bucci’s obituary. Rest in Peace Walter Bucci.




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