Mysterious Photo from Irene’s Basement

Irene has no idea who these people are but it is certainly an interesting couple. Mother and son? Husband and wife? We haven’t had much luck with figuring this out. Irene is certain they can’t be Georges because – well – to be frank, they’re just not good-looking enough to be Georges (that’s what Irene said and I’m sticking with it!) Iacobuccis maybe? Or perhaps someone from Irene’s mother’s side of the family -Giampaolos maybe? The fact that they were in Irene’s possession suggests there must be some family connection.

I will be at the National Genealogical Conference Annual Conference later this week in Raleigh, NC and I just might spring for the $20 fee to get a consult with the Photo Detective during the conference. It would help to get any information or ideas from people reading this blog before I go so don’t be shy about adding your comments.



7 thoughts on “Mysterious Photo from Irene’s Basement

      • It’s hard to imagine what’s going on but it looks like there is a significant age difference. My guess would be mother & son, especially since her hand is on his arm. The thing that’s throwing me is that they look nothing alike but I do get hung up on that. If they are mother & son, why is his back to her? That is so odd to me unless he’s hiding something like a disfigurement. (This is going to sound harsher than I mean it) ~ she does have that wonky eye and the photographer didn’t try to hide that. There’s more to this picture that we’re not getting.


  1. Lainie – I think their noses and their hands look similar. Someone else (not sure when or who) commented that perhaps the arrangement of the people was to hide a disfigurement. And I agree that her right eye – is wonky!


  2. Wait a minute – maybe she’s missing her right hand or it is disfigured. You mentioned her hand is on his arm so I looked but actually when I looked closer I can’t tell where her right hand is.


  3. Caroline
    Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you like the layout. I have no designer – just me and I am definitely NOT a designer. I created the blog to share family stories as I completed my genealogy research into my husband’s Italian immigrant family. I am very grateful to all the family members who have shared the pictures of our family so that we can get to know them better. I took a few wordpress blogging courses when I got started but there is so much more I would like to learn. Maybe someday when I have more time.


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