NGS 2017 – At the Halfway Mark

It’s Friday morning and there are officially fewer courses remaining than there were at any other time until now. I always greet the middle of something with mixed feelings.
The initial excitement and adrenaline rush has worn off, I’m tired but I don’t want it to end and it seems especially important to make wise choices.

As I was driving  to the conference this morning I thought to myself, I should probably see if Mary Tedesco is speaking today and go hang out and ask her some questions that have puzzled me about my Giorgio/Iacobucci family research.  So who do I see sitting and casually talking with other conference attendees when I turn the corner – yep – you guessed it – Mary Tedesco! It must be a sign.
Of course I don’t have a question in mind so I’ve scurried over to a spot not too far away while I figure out what to ask.  Now is your chance faithful readers – if there’s something that has puzzled you about what you’ve been reading on Trovando leave me a comment and I’ll try to track Mary down later to ask it.  I think for now I’m going to ask how I would go about finding Adriano’s grave since we think he died in Castel di Sangro in the early 1950s.
More soon – Kalen


4 thoughts on “NGS 2017 – At the Halfway Mark

  1. Thank you Kalen for your curiosity and diligence. We all benefit from your hard work. My question for Mary Tedesco is this – “Is there some way to find out if Adriano went to Argentina? Would there be any photos of him because of his travels? Sort of a quasi passport photo……?”


      • Lainie
        I did see Mary Tedesco the next day and asked her about tracking down records of travel from the US to Argentina. She thinks there is a website in Argentina that might have that information but she didn’t know off-hand what that might be and I haven’t had any time to research it since I got back to the real world of work. (BLAGGHGH…) She also said that passport photos didn’t start until the 1920s so we’re probably not gonna get much help there.
        The conference was great! I wish I could retire and do nothing but genealogy but alas – the real world beckons.


      • Kalen ~ Thank you so much for tracking Mary down and pursuing my questions. The picture that I remember seeing of Adriano, when I was young, was just a head shot so it looked official. I wonder if it was needed for a passport renewal or something else. That will remain a mystery. The interesting thing is that Grandma George even saved it! I wonder if he remained the love of her life despite everything. 💔


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