Adriano Giorgio’s Birth Record – 1871

A big thank-you to Wilberta Illig diVincenzo who provided the following translation from the official birth record for Adriano Giorgio – born on 27 December 1871 in San Vito Chietino, Italy.

The the year 1871, the 31st day of December, at the town hall at the hour of 9 am Before me, Luigi Dazio, assessor of the town of San Vito Chietino, Circondario of Lanciano, Province of Abruzzo Citeriore, delegate of the functions of the Civil State Officer by act of the Mayor of 13 October last, properly approved and appeared

Nicola Giorgio, son of deceased Romualdo, age 34, a tailor living in this town, who presented to me an infant of the male sex, and who declared him born the 27th of the current month at the hour of 6 pm by his wife, Filomena Pace, daughter of Vito, living together at the home where they reside in this town, to whom he declares to give the name Adriano.

This statement is made in the presence of Temistocle Olivieri, son of Giuseppe, age 42, a coffeehouse keeper, and Camillo Iavicoli, son of deceased Rosario, age 40, a sexton, both living in San Vito Chietino, witnesses chosen by the declarant, and after reading this record and recording it in the two registers, they were unable to submit with me and with the declarant, their signatures, because they were illiterate.

So now we know that Adriano’s father was a tailor and Custode’s father was a shepherd. From the record, which is not copied above, it does appear that Nicola Giorgio signed his name (I might be wrong about that but I think it is his signature) even though the two witnesses he brought with him were illiterate.

The notations in the margin¬†reference Adriano’s two Italian marriages – one in 1895 to Marianna Frattura from Castel di Sangro and one in June 1913 to Maria Flamminio, of San Vito Chietino.

Maybe I’ll see if I can find the marriage records for Nicola Giorgio and Filomena Pace.


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