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I’m using a day off in the middle of the week because of a big Southern snow storm to dig a little deeper into my husband’s Iacobucci ancestors. His great grandmother, Custode Iacobucci George, was born in Castel di Sangro, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy on May 27, 1880. She immigrated to America with her older sister Rosie (Rosallia) when she was 16 years old, arriving in New York in April 1897. Their immigration papers indicate they were coming to visit an older brother named Vincenzo who lived in Brandeville, PA.

This post will identify the Iacobucci siblings I’ve discovered through my research and provide the basis for why I believe that their parents are Agostino Iacobucci and Filomena Petrarca of Castel di Sangro. If they are all the children of this pair, it would mean Filomena had her first child (Vincenzo) in 1861 when she was 23 and her last child (Custode) in 1880 when she was 42. Certainly possible, reproductively speaking. I have confirmed Filomena’s birth date as November 19, 1838 from Italian online records although I have not found her death date.

Using the immigration records for Custode and Rosie – we know that they are sisters. This fact is supported by the 1910 census in Dunbar PA when Rosie Buzzelli is listed as the sister-in-law to the head of household, Andrew George whose wife is identified as Christine. Rosie would have to be his wife’s sister because if she were the wife of one of his brothers (the other way she could be his sister-in-law) her last name would be George or Giorgio, not Buzzelli. Finally, since most of her grandchildren, who knew Custode as Christine, have fond memories of their grandmother’s sister Rosie, the relationship of Custode and Rosie as sisters has never been in doubt.

But let’s see what we know about their brothers and how we know they all have Agostino and Filomena as parents. Newspaper obituaries are a great source for identifying family relationships and marriage records often include the full name of the parents of the couple getting married, including the maiden names of their mothers. This is actually how we found Custode’s maiden name, way back in the summer of 2013 when our search began. We had only known her as Custode George or Christine George, but when we found the marriage records for her daughters Philomena and Lena in the courthouse in Uniontown, PA, we finally knew her maiden name was Iacobucci. I can still remember how excited we were to make that discovery on the last day of our week long genealogy vacation!


Vincenzo Iacobucci is the oldest of the Iacobucci siblings. He was born in Castel di Sangro to Agostino Iacobucci and Filomena Petrarca on June 8, 1861. His Italian birth records are available online and identify his parents and date of birth. Those names match the parents named on his death certificate from Derry, Pennsylvania dated November 18, 1943.

1943.DeathCertificate.Derry PA

We first learned of Vincenzo Iacobucci  when we got Custode’s marriage license and saw that Vincenzo Iacobucci was listed as her guardian and was considerably older than her. However, that record didn’t indicate their relationship and we wondered if he might be her uncle. Thankfully the immigration records for Rosie and Custode indicated they were coming to visit their brother Vincenzo.

The relationship is also confirmed by one of Custode’s grandchildren, Carole Ann George Johnson, who remembers visiting two Iacobucci sisters who lived in Derry, PA. Vincenzo had three single daughters living with him in the 1940 Census at 118 South Ligonier Street, Derry PA – Mary (41),  Ellen (30) and Margaret (27). It seems very likely that Vincenzo is Custode’s older brother and that Carole remembers visiting his daughters.


Joseph Iacobucci’s connection to his siblings is highlighted in his obituary that appeared in the New Castle News on June 6, 1942. After naming his wife and children who survived him he names two brothers:  Anthony of Akron, OH and James of Derry, PA and two sisters: Mrs. Christina George of Dunbar, PA and Rose Iacobucci of California, PA. JosephIacobucci.obit.8Jun1942.NCN.p2

According to the date of his birth listed on his death certificate (not shown) he died on his birthday – June 5th. He was 76 years old and had been in America for 55 years. This would make his immigration year 1887, which might be the earliest of any of the Iacobucci siblings. I’ve yet to find the immigration records for his older brother Vincenzo but maybe I should see if they immigrated together.

Joseph’s wife’s maiden name was Marianne Giampaolo, the oldest of three girls born to Fidenso Giampaolo and Angeline Gasbarro who were married in Castel di Sangro in February 1879.  Marianne and her next younger sister Amelia were born in Italy but their younger sister, Mary Frances, was born in Pennsylvania on May 3, 1898.

In 1915, Mary Frances Giampaolo married Nick George.  Irene Veri (their youngest daughter) and I have speculated that her parents may have met because Joseph and Custode were siblings. I can attest to the fact that there is no shortage of Gasbarro, Giampaolo, Iacobucci, Buzzelli and Petrarca unions in the town records of Castel di Sangro but I’m still puzzled by the connection to San Vito Chietino, where the Giorgio boys were from.


The connection to a brother named Anthony is found in Joseph’s obituary. I don’t think any of Custode’s grandchildren can confirm this relationship but Irene Veri remembers visiting relatives or knowing about relatives in Akron. (Help me out Irene – you always remember more than I do!)

I first learned of Antonio Iacobucci in the immigration records where I found Custode and Rosalia who immigrated in April 1897. I wrote about those records here: Day 4 GRIP – Exciting Discovery .  It was also in those records that I found Antonio Iacobucci arriving in October of 1897 and going to Pennsylvania to visit his sister Rosallia. At that time he was single but it turns out, he actually got married in Uniontown, PA about ten years later. Unlike his siblings, he always spelled his name with a “Y” instead of an “I.”

Here is the marriage license for Tony Yacobucci and Marianna D’Angelo from 1907. Although they were married in Uniontown, PA their residence at the time was Dunbar. Coincidentally this is where Custode was living at the time. This is an important connection because it helps link the Tony Yacobucci who shows up mostly in Ohio records to our line of the Iacobucci family. And notice the names of his parents: Agostine & Filomena. His age in 1907 would mean he was born in 1876, which would put him in between Rosie and Custode. 

We know that Tony stayed in Dunbar at least through 1909 because two of his children were born there – Frank Paul Yacobucci born in 1908 and America Michael Yacobucci born in 1909. Notice Tony’s job is listed as “beer agent” on his son Frank’s birth certificate. 

As an aside, the doctor who delivered Frank “W.W. Warne” was also the doctor who delivered Lena, Custode’s second daughter born in 1906.

I think we’ve got a fairly strong case that Vincenzo, Giuseppe, Rosallia, Antonio and Custode Iacobucci, were all the children of Agostino Iacobucci and Filomena Petrarca. The records that exist in Pennsylvania and Ohio provide strong evidence that they left Italy in the late 1800s and made America their permanent home. From Joseph’s obituary we know these are the siblings who survived him and he doesn’t mention any other siblings. There could be some who died before him but are not mentioned in his obituary.

The online records from Italy provide evidence of at least one other son born to Agostino and Filamena. His name was Luigi Giovanni and he was born on June 23, 1864. He isn’t mentioned in any of the records of his siblings in America and I’m curious to know more about him.

BirthRecord.LuigiGiovanni.23June1864There are several Luigi or Lewis Iacobuccis in Ohio records and trees on Ancestry.com but the ones I’ve explored so far are not the right age or have different parents. Lainie George McGreevy found an obituary for a Lewis Iacobucci who was born in Castel di Sangro and was a shepherd there before he immigrated in the early 1900s, but he was not the right age to be this Luigi Iacobucci. It is possible that if this son died as a child, his parents might have named a later born son Luigi but it’s curious that none of the none Iacobucci siblings’ obituaries refer to a brother named Lewis.

From the birth dates of the Iacobucci siblings we know about (1861 to 1880) we are left with an eight year gap between 1866 when Joseph was born and 1874 when Rosie was born. It seems likely that there were other siblings born during those years but whether they did not survive to adulthood or perhaps stayed in Italy, it may be hard to determine, especially since the online records for Castel di Sangro births end with the year 1865.

I’d love to hear from any Yacobuccis or Iacobuccis or Jacobuccis or even folks with the last name John, which happens to be another variation I’ve seen in some records.  Maybe some of the Ohio descendants of Anthony Yacobucci don’t even know about all your Pennsylvania relatives but if you happen to be reading this – don’t be shy about reaching out.


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