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KAK.Fall.2011Thanks so much for visiting Trovando Famiglia. My name is Kalen Kingsbury. I started researching my husband’s family tree in 2012. My husband, Rick George, knew very little about his father’s side of the family growing up. In fact, Rick was 20 before he learned from his father that he had Italian ancestors. My father-in-law didn’t know much about his Italian relatives because his parents divorced in the early 1930s when he was young. Intrigued by the mystery, Rick began researching his family tree. He also had his DNA tested. EUREKA! (did I mention Rick grew up in California?) He found a match who was likely to be a third cousin. Through Terry we’ve learned a lot about the Giorgio family and have even met a few of our long lost relatives including a half aunt that Rick never knew he had. This blog is our way of sharing what we’ve learned about Ciro, Adriano, Pasquale and Romualdo Giorgio and their descendants; a way of keeping their stories alive. We hope it will help us find more Giorgio descendants and perhaps encourage you to search for yours. Ciao!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Vita Amalia Vittoria GIORGIO F 09 mag 1861
    Clotilde GIORGIO F 16 mar 1863
    Ciro GIORGIO M 18 mar 1865
    Romualdo GIORGIO M 06 mar 1867- 03 ago 1867
    Emilia GIORGIO F 01 gen 1869 – 19 ott 1945
    Romualdo GIORGIO – M 25 mag 1870 – 07 ott 1871
    Adriano GIORGIO M 28 dic 1871
    Annunziata GIORGIO F 10 mar 1874
    Anna Domenica GIORGIO F 28 feb 1875 – 17 feb 1892
    Pasquale GIORGIO M 20 mag 1877
    Romualdo GIORGIO M 07 dic 1879
    These above are all the sons of Nicola Nunziato Sabio GIORGIO ( 25 mar 1837) and Filomena PACE (01 dic 1839)


  2. I am from New Castle PA. There was a family surnamed “George” here; my Mother had said we were
    related to them, or her aunt my marriage was, and that they were Italian. I don’t know anything further because I haven’t researched that family as of yet. I also have many similar surnames in my family that I’ve seen here on your site: Iacobucci, Frabotta, and others. All from Roccaraso or surrounding towns. But these names are my paternal branches; the Georges, whether related to me directly or by marriage, would be my maternal branch. It’s possible they were from Reggio Calabria if directly related to me.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s possible one of the wives of one of the 4 Giorgio brothers who came to America was from the same town that you mention- Roccaraso. I’ll take a look at things tonight or tomorrow when I have more time.
      If you’ve done any DNA tests we could see if there’s a match. My husband has tested with Ancestry and 23 and me. One of our older Italian relatives has also done a DNA test on Ancestry.
      More soon and if you want to communicate via email you can reach me at kalenkingsbury@gmail.com


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