Antonio Yacobucci

It was exactly two months ago that I wrote about Antonio Iacobucci but I didn’t get much further than his arrival in New York on October 7, 1897. So let’s pick up where we left off.

Here’s a snip from the ship’s record for his arrival.


As is so often the case, a search for Antonio Iacobucci did not turn up this result. That’s one of the problems with indexed records created from handwritten ship’s logs – lots of room for error. But because of the Italian source that I used to find Custode and Rosie, I was able to locate the ship’s log for Antonio’s arrival. On the continuation of this line (not shown above) the log indicates that he is going to Derry PA to visit his sister Rosalba.

Unlike his four siblings, Antonio did not stay in Pennsylvania. Two of his sons, Frank Paul and America Michael, were born in Dunbar, PA in 1908 and 1909, but at some point after that, Antonio and his wife Annie DiAngelo moved to Akron, Ohio. A daughter named Evelyn was born there in 1917.

Here’s the birth certificate for his first son, Frank Yaccibucci, born in Dunbar PA on March 28, 1908.


The reason I began searching for Antonio Iacobucci of Akron, Ohio is because he was named as a brother in Joseph Iacobucci’s obituary. Joseph died in New Castle, PA on June 6, 1942. His obituary appeared in the josephiacobucci-obit-8jun1942New Castle News on Monday June 8, 1942.

So here’s what we know about Antonio Iacobucci. For one thing, he and his children spelled their last name with a “Y” instead of an “I.”

His wife’s name is Marianna “Anna” DiAngelo. From the information in the 1930 census we know that Tony was 31 years old when they married and Anna was 22. Based on his birth date of April 24, 1875 they were married sometime between April 24th 1906 and April 23rd 1907.  Anna lists her year of immigration as 1907 so it is possible that Tony went back to Italy to marry her or sent for her.

The Yacobucci family appears in the Akron City Directory for a number of years beginning in 1926 and continuing through the mid-1930s. They lived at 892 Chalker Street. Tony worked at the Goodrich plant.

Now let’s look at the next generation. Antonio’s oldest son was Frank Yacobucci. Frank served as the Summit County clerk of courts from 1956 to 1972. By most accounts he was a kind and generous friend but his career of public service was marred by accusations that he mismanaged county funds. No charges were ever brought against him and most of the funds were later discovered in another account. Here’s a picture and a summary of his career that appeared in the Akron Ohio newspaper on July 21, 1982.


I haven’t found much about America Michael except that when his wife divorced him, she listed the reason for seeking a divorce as “excessive cruelty.”

As for Tony and Anna’s only daughter, Evelyn Margaret, from the website -“Find-A-Grave” we learn that she never married and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron Ohio. She and her mother both died of chronic nephritis.  She was only 35 years old when she died.

Here’s the listing for Marianna (Anna) D’Angelo Yacobucci, who was 56 when she died. See any familiar names in her family background?


Buzzelli was Aunt Rosie’s married name. I wonder if Anna DiAngelo had a brother who was Rosie’s husband? The name DiAngelo seems familiar too – can anyone help me remember why that name is connected to our family? (Irene – any ideas – I know you mentioned someone who lived in Akron that your parents visited but I can’t remember the name.)

Nice to be back blogging. Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather we’ve been waiting so long for. Despite the bad news for many parts of North Carolina in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, all is well here in Greensboro.